Disclaimer: Seimaden characters belong to You Higuri. For the info of the anti-spoiler club members, this fic starts off with a scene from Seimaden Volume 2. This is purely for entertainment purposes, no  profit is being made out of it. Do not distribute it in any form.


By Geraldine Cheong
2nd October 1998

Why is he here? Why??? I have to get away before he spies me, before he realises what I have done.

"Teteiyusu." The instant that dark voice reached his ear, he knew it was too late. There could be no escape. "What's the matter? Trying to escape?" His master's voice taunted.

"Rauresu..." Teteiyusu breathed, half turning. Golden hair streamed out behind him, framing a face with angelic features. His gaze was cold, seemingly emotionless, a reflection of the demon that lived within the body of an angel. He could barely hide his emotions when he saw his master.

Rauresu subconciously toyed with his own hair, long dark silk flowing through his fingers. Teteiyusu watched, entranced. "I never thought I'd see you here..." Rauresu's voice broke through Teteiyusu's train of thought. He looked up. Rauresu was smiling. It was not a pleasant smile. "What exactly happened while I was away from the Makai? You should know better than anyone else, hmmm?"  Rauresu watched Teteiyusu from the corner of his eye, quick to perceive that Teteiyusu was clearly uncomfortable at the direction his questions were heading. Besides, Teteiyusu did seem to be in a hurry to get away. Rauresu's eyes belied his evil nature, cruel and uncompromising. A fitting combination for the ruler of the Demon World.

...he knows...

"It's Zaldei... he's rejuvenated..." Teteiyusu remained silent as Rauresu pressed on. "He should have been sealed away, it is not possible for him to escape... not without some outside aid... I wonder who that person is?"

Teteiyusu decided to take the gamble. "Are you suspicious of me, my liege?" He cast his eyes downwards and spoke in a dull monotone. His right hand clutching at his injured arm.

Rauresu's voice was almost playful as he replied, eyes closed, "No, not at all..." Then his voice abruptly  hardened, "However, if I ever find out who betrayed me... Regardless of who he is, I will not let him off easy."

I already know that... before I freed Zaldei. I know I will pay dearly if you ever found out. Yet, it has to be done, you are getting soft, my sovereign. Falling in love with a human girl. Frequent trips to the human world have drained much of your strength. The air of the human world is poisonous to demons. I am afraid to lose you, there is no other way, the girl must be destroyed. This is the only way to get you back. The Makai is your home... I cannot allow you to abandon us, all of us, to abandon me, for the sake of one human.

"Teteiyusu..." Teteiyusu looked up again to find Rauresu's eyes fixed on him. "You're injured..."

"Yes, I..."

"Come here." His master's voice was surprisingly gentle. Teteiyusu acquiesced. Rauresu's hands were firm but gentle as they held Teteiyusu. Teteiyusu winced slightly as Rauresu fingers worked on a particularly tender spot. The pain was gradually washed away as Rauresu's dark ki  flowed into him. "How did you hurt yourself? Fell from the skies?" Rauresu's rich voice asked him, slightly teasing. Teteiyusu could not answer. Rauresu's lips pulled into a thin smile.

Teteiyusu laughed bitterly. Why did he even bother? Was it worth it? To sacrifice his life for someone who didn't even care if he lived or perished. But he does care... A tiny voice within him insisted. What you did warrant death. He spared you from that...

"And doomed me to a life of eternal darkness and damnation!" he whispered harshly as the tears fell yet again. How he longed to see the light again, to look upon the face of his sovereign, to stay a perpetual aide at his side, a balm for his weary spirit, to see to his every smallest needs, to watch over him as he sleeps and ensure no harm befalls him. The heavy metal chains cuffed to his limbs clanked noisily as he drew his knees together, curling up in a fetal position.  Soft, downy feathered wings embraced their owner protectively, hiding his pain and sorrow from the prying eyes, buried his despair and longing in an abyss as deep and dark as the void he was placed within. Rauresu could not have chosen a punishment more cruel, death would be preferable to this. Solitary confinement for as long as the breath still remained within him. It would be so easy to kill himself, put an end to the misery of not being able to see, hear or touch another living being for as long as he lived. Yet he could not bring himself to do it, the words of Rauresu are law; and if Rauresu decided this was the best way to quelled the flames of anger at Teteiyusu's betrayal, so be it. Teteiyusu would see his meted sentence through to the end.

And in that timeless space a fallen angel silently weeps...