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Rurouni: Lyndia complained that I wrote too little about Nakago in my fics, so I'm forcing her to write one with me now... mwahahahaha!!!!!!!

Lyndia: Not only that! You also mistreated Nakkie-poo by giving him such a small role in ONE of your fics! Such a big dis-service to this great golden blonde.....


By Rurouni and Lyndia
July 1999

Nakago: Welcome to the once-in-a-lifetime FY ROCKS talentine! And your host for tonight is yours truly. That's right, it's ME! Now before we begin our talentine, I must inform you of the rules... As such, there are NONE! That's right! No rules. It's an all-out-no-holds-barred competition. Seiryuu will prevail... at any cost! [evil laugh]

Rurouni: Yeah! Go Nakkie-poo! Go! Show them!

Tamahome: In your dreams! BOO!!! Go home and sleep! Yes you, the blond chick in the blue cape and the funny helmet! Get lost, blondie with the ugly blue tatoo on your forehead and the uglier dragon claw on your shoulder! This isn't a fancy dress competition!

Tomo: [indignantly] How dare you speak about Nakago-sama that way?!

Soi: Disrespectful brat.

Tamahome is fried to a crisp by lightning erupting from the clouds.

Tasuki: Bwahaha!! Happy day for you huh oni chan?! So, is my fire better or an electric shock better??

Tamahome let off a chi blast in Tasuki's direction that sends the latter outside the scene.

Nakago: I officially announce, that the talentime shall start now!

Seiryuu Seishis:: Yeah!!!!! Down with Suzaku!!!!!!

Lyndia: Urm...Nakago? You haven't introduce me......

Nakago stares back.

Lyndia: *sweatdrops** I'll introduce myself.... I'm one of the co-hosters as well as performers like Nakago here. First one on the list is non other than the mighty one himself. Let's give a round of appulase!!!

Rurouni: I'll be the judge for the talentime then.

Nakago: No no! You're bias! You'll let Hotohori win!

Hotohori: Naturally, after all, I am the most beautiful, the most
intelligent, the most-

Rurouni: Lyndia can be the judge too.

Lyndia: Why is the mightest of all a host of the show?

Nakago: Yah, why am I a host of the show? This talentine is an Suzaku vs. Seiryuu one right? And each team consists of 8 members. If I'm the host, Seiryuu will be short one person.

Nuriko: Big talk. Who ever said that the mightest of all is you? For all you know, it might be me, afterall, I AM the strongest.

Rurouni: Well, Nakago just mentioned above that there are no rules. So nothing's stopping you from joining the contest as well. Don't you understand, dear Nakkie-poo, that way, you can get more media coverage.

Nakago: Soka. And without further ado, I shall call upon our first contestant, Miaka from from the team, Suzaku.

Miaka starts on the first note.

Nakago: Thank you very much, you may now sit down.

Miaka: But I haven't started!

Yui: I'm sure you don't want to torture our 'honourable' judges by squealing their ears off.

Lyndia: Bingo!! That's why I said Nakago is first on the list.  Miaka....Stop it!!! (Miaka has taken the chance to sing)

Suzaku seven seishi: Yeah!! Way to go Miaka!!!

Nakago nods his head to his bodyguards who carried a plate of...

Miaka: FOOD!!!!

All looked on with eyes double crossed except for the golden blonde who had a smirk on his face.

Lyndia: Now, let me introduce the commander of Kutou country to the centre of stage again. Welcome Nakago!!

(Looks at Miaka rushing down the stage to the big plate of food while Nakago walks in with short, big pace to gain centre of attention)

Rurouni: Ok, that's one down... [strikes off Miaka's name] Hey, Nakkie-poo! Sing Blue Eyes Blue! I like that song!

Nakago: Hello again, this is your host for today speaking once again and this time, I'd like to call upon none other than the great, the brave, the handsome, the cool, the savvy, the suave, the hot...

Tasuki:[pops on stage] Leader of the montain bandits! Thank you thank you very much my ardent fans, no need to clap! I know you're all feeling very excited about seeing me. I'm just too hot to handle! EHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! Ok, I have to make up for Miaka's miserable failure...

Nakago: Hey! It's my turn!

Tasuki: This is a lawless stage, you said so yourself.

Koji:[whistles] Genrou! I will always support you! I love you!

Tomo:[whistles too] Don't worry, Nakago-sama! I will always support you too! I love you too!

Nuriko: Hey! So you like man too! Why not the two of us pair up and sing a duet together? I bet it's better than Tama-Miaka pair .....

Tomo: With you? Over my dead body! No, not even my body....

Tasuki: Hey hey!!! The attention is over here !!! On me!!!

Nakago: I don't think so......

Tasuki: Fighting huh? Fine! My hands have long been itching to fight with you since the series ended!!

Chichiri pops up in the middle of the two ready-to-fight Seishi.

Chichiri: No!! You can't hurt MY Tasuki!! Don't fight against Nakago you stupid red-head!!!

Tasuki: Stupid no da monk! You're blocking my view of the enemy!!!

Chichiri: Fine then. Take me as your enemy. Defeat me first or I'll never let you fight the head of Seriyuu.

Chichiri transform himself into Nakago and turns to face Tasuki.

So now, there are two Nakago on the stage with Tasuki standing near one while the host Lyndia, at the side, drools at the split image she's seeing....ignoring her partner who is wearing the commander's outfit.

Tomo stands at the bottom of the stage admiring the two golden blondes leaving his squabble with Nuriko aside. Tamahome's eyes are focused on a gorging-to-death Miaka whereas the Emperor of Konan country is admiring his looks in a small mirror he carried everywhere with him.

Soinak and Ashitare looks up upon Nakago down the stage, drooling a pool of saliva on the floor as they thought of the Commander's tastiness.

Amiboshi and Suboshi felt ashamed of themselves when they felt incomparable to the way Nakago carried himself.

In the midst of all these confusions, Ashitare somehow gets hold of the mike and starts...

Ashitare: GRRRRR... GRRRR... grrrrr... grrrrrr... GRRRRR... AHHHHHH...RARRHAHAHAH... grr...

Chiriko: Ok, on stage now we have Ashitare of the Seiryuu singing a song titled... uhm... titled...

Rurouni passes Chiriko a tiny slip of paper.

Chiriko: Titled "GRRR...GRRR"!

Hotohori: Hn. I'm ashamed to be standing on the same stage as a singer-wannabe failure.

Nakago: [stops fighting] Erk!! How can we let Ashitare sing on our behalf... This is such a disgrace. Let me find a pothole to hide my face...

Tasuki: Hah! We'll win for sure!

Chichiri: Definitely no da!

Lyndia: No!! Ashitare's ...umm .."GRRR...GRRR" is just a prelude to Seriyuu's conquest. First one on the list is still Nakago singing Blue Eyes Blue followed by Wandering.

Tasuki: Hey! That's not fair! How come HE gets to sing two songs?

Lyndia: No rules to this talentime, remember?? *grins** And I'm the host as well...hmm...Rurouni, when has Chiriko joined in
as a host too? To let him get more media coverage as well?

Mitsukake: And what allows Chiriko to get more attention than me?

Rurouni: Uhm... he's smaller and cuter? He has my surname on his foot?

Miboshi: Me too! Even Ashitare gets to sing the Prelude instead of me!

Tomo: Am I forgotten?

Rurouni: Don't worry, everybody will have one chance at singing.

Amiboshi: Can I sing for Miaka's group?

Nakago: Absolutely not! You're a Seiryuu for crying out loud. We have to keep the number balanced.

Rurouni: Meanwhile, can somebody haul Ashitare off the stage? Don't forget to get the mic from him! Ok, so now Miaka and Ashitare have both had their turns, who's next?

Lyndia: Nakago of course!! He's the first one on the list initially. Only in my list that is..... Anyway, let's welcome the great Commander on stage again to sing us the Blue Eyes Blue !!

Nakago: Amiboshi, remember your status and role as a Seriyuu Seishi. Don't let your fans see you as someone who doesn't do his duties.

Amiboshi: ...........

Genrou: Hey! That's what his fans like him for!! He knows how to differentiate the good from the bad....

Suboshi: Shut up! Don't discriminate against Yui-sama's role as a Seriyuu  no Miko. Seriyuu is good. It's the Suzaku that want to fight with us and  cause harm to the civilians........

Tasuki: I haven't seen such a blind person for God's sake! You're.......

Suboshi: How dare you say that I'm blind for Yui-sama!!! Take this!!!

Nakago blasts the 2 of them to kingdom come.

Nakago: When I sing, the rest of you had better pay attention!

Tamahome: Kelong kelong! [Cheating!]

Soi: Oh just shut up! He blast Suboshi away too, Nakago-sama's always just.

Rurouni: Ok, so while we wait for our weary warriors, Suboshi and Tasuki to make their way back here... The stage is Nakkie-poo's!

Nakago starts singing Blue Eyes Blue.

Everyone : Awe......

For a few minutes, all was quiet. Even a grumbling Tasuki who came back  closed his eyes and listened intently to Nakago singing.

Long moments after Nakago ended his song, everyone, including the Suzaku Seishi and Miaka, stood up to applaud to the great blonde.

Lyndia: *letting out a long breath** Alright, now, let's have Nakago to bring us another song: Wandering

Tamahome: Cheater cheater!!! Each one song only! Lyndia bias!!!

Rurouni: Hahah! In that case, let's have Tama-chan sing something for us. [aside] Tama-chan doesn't sing very well anyway, so let's just get him done and over with.

Amiboshi: Yah, each one one song so that this talentine can finish faster. If everybody's going to sing 10 songs, then this will never end.

Suboshi: Aniki! Why are you helping the Suzaku?

Amiboshi: Eh? I was merely stating my own opinions, not helping anyone.

Yui: Anyway, so far Nakago, Ashitare and Miaka have had their turn.

Nakago: It doesn't matter. Tamahome can sing first. I'll save Wandering for the Grand Finale. This is your wonderful host speaking. Tamahome going to sing whatever he's going to sing.

Tamahome sings whatever he wants to sing.

After he had finished.....

Miaka: TAMAHOME!!!! You're great!!!!
(rushes up to the stage to hug him)

Lyndia: Um hum.....Now, let's welcome Amiboshi to play us a tune using his flute.

Suboshi: Aniki's not singing?

Lyndia: Urm....He plays the flute better. I'm sure you want your brother to perform the best right?

Amiboshi: ..........

Tasuki : (whisper whisper) Chiriko, interupt him with your ability of making music from leaves.....

Chiriko : We got to be fair!

Tasuki: The host, esp Lyndia is bias....we got to play a little trick to make it fair..

Chriko: Urm...That monk is looking at me....*terrified**

Chichiri: Me no da? I look scary na no da?

Tasuki: Must be the other fellow, the Chinese opera singer wannabe.

Rurouni: I want Amiboshi to sing. His song is sooooo nice! If anyone deprives him of the chance to sing I'll kick them out of the talentine.

Amiboshi: So I'll sing and play the flute during the interlude?

Suboshi: Great idea, aniki!

Nakago: As the host of tonight, I'll introduce the next contestant to you... Amiboshi from Seiryuu! Anybody from Seiryuu can beat the Suzakus flat.

Hotohori: What about Ashitare?

Nakago:[sweatdrop] He's in a different league of his own.

Ashitare: Grr grrr....

Hotohori: It's getting stuffy in here...Nuriko, shall we get a walk outside?

Nuriko: Oh sure Hoto-sama!!! *grabs Hotohori's hand and walked out from the scene**

Tasuki: Hey! The talentime is not over yet!!!

Hotohori: We'll be back soon !!! **fades off**

Amiboshi: *clears throat and starts singing**

After he finishes...

Suboshi: Nice nice! Aniki, you're the best!

Mitsukake: Well considering the fact that the only people who've sung so are Miaka, Tamahome, Ashitare and Nakago, it's not hard to see why. Wait till you hear me sing. I'll beat you hollow.

Tomo: Whatever, just don't put me to sleep.

Amiboshi: [still holding the mike] I just want to say that whatever I sung just now was dedicated to Miaka-san and the Suzaku seishis.

Seiryuu seishis: [collective gasp]...

Nakago: Traitor!

Suboshi: Anika! How could you?!

Ashitare: GRRR!!!!!!!

Amiboshi: [sweatdrops] Uhm... may they never win!

Soi: That's more like it.

Tomo: Good boy.

Mihoshi: I always knew you were the smarter one of the twins.

Suboshi: [dangerous voice] Did you just say something?

Nakago: Cut it out fellows, now it's time to hear the Suzakus embarrass themselves once again. Let's have Mitsukake sing for us!

Mitsukake: Eh? Me? But I haven't finished feeding my Tama.

Nakago: Blast that cat then...

Mitsukake: I'll sing! I'll sing!!

Tasuki: Hey! We don't have to be so afraid of him!

Chichiri: It's better to be careful no da!

Chriko: And it doesn't really hurts us to put off a fight with him...

Tamahome: Geez...I'm thinking of Hotohori all of a sudden.

Nuriko: Hoto-sama

Hotohori: Call me Hotohori.....

Mitsukake : Can I start singing?

Lyndia: You'd better. I'm getting impatient.

Mitsukake starts singing.

Everyone : *snores** ZZZZZ

Tasuki : Hmm...Huh? Finish?!?  Way to go Mitsukake!!!

Only Tama ran up towards Mitsukake and snuggle against his legs, giving its real encouragement to his loving owner.

Mitsukake: Sigh...guess I'm really that bad huh? Tama......

Nakago: Now let's welcome Suboshi on stage to bring us...

Suboshi: Never Get Away! Yeah!

Nakago: Suboshi... I have not finished...

Suboshi: Ulps... sorry...

Nakago: Anyway, Suboshi will sing 'Never Get Away' for us.

Phonecall: [in Nuriko's voice] Heh! What crap are you talking about, we're already away! [distant background, in Hotohori's voice] Help! I'm being raped! Tamahome! Chichiri! Tasuki! Mitsukake! Chiriko! Tama! Miaka! Amiboshi! Somebody, anybody! Save me from the sex-crazy Nuriko! [Nuriko's voice again] Don't worry about him, he's just having a very bad nightmare.

Tomo: I'll bet. Now you got me thinking... if Nakago-sama and I...

Nakago whacks Tomo's head with the mike he is holding.

Tomo: [X)] Piku piku... I see 1 star... 2... no 3... erm... lotsa stars...
pretty pretty...

Nakago: [in a very controlled voice] Suboshi will sing now!

Suboshi: H-hai!

Suboshi starts singing and everybody is taken in by the absolute power, the energy of the song.

Hotohori: Nice.

Soi: Eh? I thought you were being raped.

Hotohori: I got away.

Nuriko: [calls] Hoto-sama!!!!!! Douko?!!!!!

Yui: Hey, stop interrupting Suboshi's song. Shut up and listen!

Nuriko: Yeah yeah...why should I?? Hoto-sama !!! Don't run at the sight of seeing me!!! Ain't you the one who wants me to call you by your name??

Hotohori: I thought I should give you a chance but sad to say, it had failed. I just can't imagine....with you.....

Yui: *mumble grumble** Can't they just keep quiet??

Nakago: Hai, Yui-sama.

Tamahome: Hoto-sama!! Watch out!!!!!

Miaka: TAMAHOME!!!!!

Lyndia: Suboshi, you can stop singing. Don't worry, I'll still give you the marks you deserve plus some extra points for the commotion the Suzaku Seishi are making....

Suzaku Seishi: Hey, that's not fair !!!

Lyndia: Whoever says that this talentime would be a fair one?

Nakago :*Smug** So now, let's 'welcome' Chichiri on stage.

Lyndia: Sing Kachou Fuugetsu !!! I like that song!!!

Chichiri : No problem no da!!

Tasuki: You don't have to suck up on her you stupid monk!!

Lyndia: You this red hair freak!! You don't know when to be clever and when to be stupid!!!

Yui: *groans**  When is this talentime going to end??

Suboshi: Just shut up and hear Chichiri sing!!!

Lyndia: *glare** Are you ordering me, Su-bo-shi??

Suboshi: Eto... I wouldn't dare Lyndia-sama.

Yui: It's me then?

Suboshi: Eh... Chichiri's singing now... ahahaha... very nice song.

After 1 minute...

Nakago: Ok, that's enough thank you very much Chichiri.

Tasuki: TEME!!! You're not being fair!

Nakago: Who's to say what's fair and what's not in a ruleless talentine? Anyway, since both our honorable judges look like they're going to fall asleep any moment, it'd be best to speed things up.

Rurouni and Lyndia: Yeah! Nakago, banzai!

Lyndia: *mumble* Actually I'm not falling asleep....I'm enjoying Chichiri's song......

Rurouni: Me too. But poor Nakkie-poo's getting a little tired.

Nakago: And since you're making so much noise, why not sing for us now, Tasuki?

Tasuki: Hmmph! Fine, make sure you 2 judge properly.

Rurouni and Lyndia: No problem. We're the best judges you can find for this talentine!

Nakago: They're the only judges we could find...

Rurouni: What was that?

Nakago: Nothing. Tasuki, if you please?

****Lyndia: When has Nakago becomes so polite??*****

Rurouni: Like I said, he's getting too tired. Forgot to act in character.

Tasuki starts singing.


Nakago: Time's up. Thank you very much.

Tasuki: Hey! I just got to my chorus!

Nakago: Never mind, I'm sure everybody knows how well you sing when they heard your first note.

Chichiri: Righto! I'll always support you, Tasuki no da!

Soi: To save time, Tomo and I have decided to sing a duet.

Nakago: Ok, in that case you can sing the whole song.

Tasuki: What? We could do that?

Chichiri: Nobody said we couldn't no da!

Tasuki: In that case, I should have sung the "Aoi blah blah" song with you, at least we'd be able to complete the song.

Nakago: Quiet plese!

Soi and Tomo starts singing.

Hotohori: They're singing about Nakago?!

Nuriko: Never mind, Hoto-sama, I'll sing about you later.

Hotohori: It's alright. Spare me.

Nuriko: Why don't we sing together Hoto-sama?

Hotohori: Nani?!

Nuriko: What is what?!?!

Hotohori: *sweatdrops** Nothing...

Lyndia: Alright! Points cut off from Suzaku's side again for all those distractions by Nuriko and Hotohori. Soi and Tomo, please continue.

Suzaku Seishi: IT'S NOT FAIR !!!!

Lyndia: Nothing's fair in this talentime....

Nakago listens intently to the song that is sung just for him with so much feelings that one cannot grasp it all.

Lyndia: Finished! Thank you Soi for the wonderful song you had sung for us...urm...Nakago; not to forget Tomo as well. Now, let's welcome.... Nuriko and Hotohori on stage !!

Nakago: Soi........

Tomo: Nakago........

Tamahome: I object !!! I want to sing with Hoto-sama !!

All: Huh???

Tamahome: I mean...I'm sure Hoto-sama wouldn't really want to sing a duet with Nuriko.....I'm a member of THTC group so it shouldn't matters.

Tasuki: *wails** How about me???

Tamahome: You just had your turn.....I've not.....

Miaka: Tamahome...?? You're the fourth one to sing just now... Remember? After Nakago's Blue Eyes Blue.....

Tamahome: Shut up !!!

Hotohori: You better take good care of Miaka..Stay by her.

Tamahome: But food is all she needs!!!

Tasuki: You left out one thing...a monster is what she needs as well !!!

Tamahome: Grrrr grrrr

Miaka: TAMAHOME !!!

Chichiri:  Tasuki, watch out!!!

Tasuki: Small feat! *dodged attack made by Tamahome** Now look at what I have got to share with him!!


Miaka: Ummm ....I smell barbarqued......

Tamahome: It's me you gluttoness girl !!!

Miaka: *Glups** Geez Tamahome...how are you??

Lyndia: Ok, another point cut off for being disorganize and wasting our precious time listening to your .......

Hotohori: *cuts in** Who say it doesn't matters on whether I sing with Tamahome or Nuriko?? I'll rather sing with Nuriko than.......

Nuriko: Hoto-sama!!!!

Hotohori: Humph...Let's get on stage now....my consort.....

Nuriko: **dreamily** Hotohori.......

Nakago: Now we have our 2 opponents, Hotohori and Nuriko to sing for us since Tamahome had sung earlier which he had forgot...

Hotohori and Nuriko sings.

Yui: Hmm... not bad but Nuriko seems to have trouble remembering his lines...

Amiboshi: I think he's too engrossed in watching and listening to Hoto-sama sing.

Tomo: Yah, I mean, if I was singing by Nakago's side, I'd be so excited that I forget all my lines. Luckily I was singing with Soi instead.

Soi: Was that an insult?

Tomo: [hastily] Nope.

Nakago: Ok, so now we're just left with Chiriko of Suzaku and Mihoshi and Yui-sama from Seiryuu. [aside] Good, this darn thing is finally going to be over soon. Yui-sama will enlighten us with her "Sad Gales". Mihoshi's gotten into a body that is too young by mistake so he had  decided to withdraw from the talentine as his/her vocal chords aren't developed yet. Yui-sama, douzo...

Lyndia: Yui-chan !!! Way to go !!!! I'll always support you!!!

Yui starts singing.

Suboshi: Yui-sama......

Hotohori grabs another mike from somewhere and starts singing Legacy.

Lyndia: Hey!! What are you trying to do??

Tasuki and Kouji starts their famous dance while Chichiri & Tamahome starts singing their THTC songs.

Lyndia: Revolt revolt!!!! Can't all of you wait until everyone had their chance of singing???

Tasuki: Down with Seriyuu no Miko ! Down with Seriyuu no Miko !

Lyndia: Oh yeah...Mihoshi is not in the state to sing.....

Nakago starts singing Wandering.

Suboshi and Soi joins in by singing their best song at hand.

Yui: I - can't - stand - it!!!! KAIJIN !!!

Rurouni: This looks interesting.

Yui: Seiryuu yo, make everything that I wish for come true!

Seiryuu: As you wish, my miko.

Rurouni: Wah! Seiryuu wa kakkoi!!!

All except the 2 "honorable" judges and Yui turn in SD characters. Yui continues to sing. SD Nuriko chases SD Hotohori.

SD Nuriko: Wait for me! Hoto-sama-chan!

SD Hotohori: Help!!! Guards!!! Where are all my guards???

SD Tomo and SD Soi chases SD Nakago around.

SD Tomo and SD Soi: Wait for us Nakago-sama-chan!

SD Nakago: Help!!! Oh God.. What is this world coming to?!?

SD Mihoshi: .......zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz..........

SD Amiboshi plays his flute in accompliment to Yui's singing. SD Suboshi sits quietly and watches the 2 of them while chewing on the corner of his baby blanket.

SD Ashitare chases Tama.

SD Ashitare: Grr.. grr....

SD Mitsukake: [wails] Wah! Ashitare's eloping with my Tama-chan!

SD Miaka chases after SD Ashitare and Tama.

SD Miaka: No no no! I was after Tama first! I get first dibs on Tama's fish!!!

SD Chichiri and SD Tasuki continues to sing into their oversized mikes.

SD Tamahome: Ore ni mo! Ore ni mo! I want! I want!

SD Tasuki: Ah! Go get lost! You're cramping my style! Lekka Shinen!

SD Tamahome: Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SD Chiriko reads.

SD Chiriko: Once upon a time...

SD Nakago and SD Hotohori is cornered by their pursuers.

SD Nakago and SD Hotohori: [hugging each other in fear] WAH!!!!!!!!!

SD Tomo, SD Soi and SD Nuriko: Heh heh heh...

Rurouni: Hmm... what a mess... ok, since Yui's the only normal person around and she's from the Seiryuu team, I guess the winner's Seiryuu!

All SD Suzaku seishis: WHAT?! [turns and glares at judges]

Rurouni: Eto... Lyndia, shall we make ourselves scarce?

Lyndia: Sure of course but there's one thing I need to do....

Lyndia grabs SD Nakago and Hotohori away from their pursuers.

Lyndia: Here, Rurouni, for you as a present of being a judge with me.
(Hands over SD Hotohori)

SD Nakago: Oh Lyndia, how can I ever thank you???

Lyndia: Stay with me in my world ... and in your armor......

SD Nakago: Deal !!

Rurouni: I want Nakkie-poo too!

SD Hotohori: Greedy Ru-chan! One me is more than enough! Quick, let's go, if Nuriko catches me, she'll pull off my lovely hair.

The judges run off with the SD Suzaku seishis hot on their heels.

SD Nakago: Thus ends the exciting little talentine and the reigning Seiryuu champion lived happily ever after with all her cute little SD seishis. (excluding me of course....Bye !! Yui-sama...)

The End.