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Garnet's Wish

By Geraldine Cheong
4th August 1998

"Kouryuu-sama... time to wake up..." Ruri coaxed.

I hated mornings. Mornings murdered my beloved slumber. I wanted to sleep on.

"Kouryuu-sama, you instructed us to wake you up..." Hari called.

I burrowed further into my blankets, relishing in that dark cosy warmth that surrounded me like a baby in a mother's womb. Ahh... peace and quiet at last. They had given up. Good. Drifting... slowly drifting back to dreamland... bliss. ACK! What's that?!

"Hey! Get off me! The two of you aren't light, you know?" I snapped, irritated at having been rudely jolted awake by my two servants.

Ruri and Hari. They were twin cat-demons. They could metamorph into cats as and when they pleased. Always at my bidding, always eager to please, my most trusted followers.  I knew they adored me. I was quite fond of them too. They were cute. Very. Especially when they tried to get me to 'play' with them. I did oblige them sometimes. After all, they performed their assigned duties well, they took care of everything, down to the minutest details. Good work deserved to rewarded, don't you think? Besides, I enjoyed playing with them. All in all, a win-win situation for me. Since I was already awake, it couldn't hurt to engage in a little game with them...

I raised my hand and waved sleepily at them. A silent gesture. The start of the game. They squealed in delight and pounced on me, purring into my ears, giving me little licks with their hot wet tongues, kissing me all over. All the more reason for me not to get out of bed. We had a rough-and-tumble session in bed. Wild. The way I liked it. The way they liked it.

Ruri sat up and licked the back of her hand. "Kouryuu-sama?"

"Hmm?" I clasped my hands behind my head and fell back against the satiny coolness of the bed.

"Kokuyou-sama will be heading out soon." Ruri said.

"Oh? Where's he going?"

"The meeting at The Bridge." Hari replied.

"Pah! Boring! I'd rather sleep the day away!"

"But Kouryuu-sama?" Ruri purred.

"Won't Kohaku be there too?" Hari continued.

I jumped out of bed at once. "Kohaku! I almost forgot!"

"You did forget." Ruri and Hari reminded me.

"I'll reward you when I get back. Kohaku, mark my words. I will see your tears today. What a lovely morning this is! "

"More tumbling, Kouryuu-sama?" Hari asked. I nodded.

"Kohaku's so cute! It's so easy to make him shed tears. He'll cry over just about anything." Ruri remarked.

"That's why life's so fun with him around." Hari finished as she stretched out on the bedspread, over the space occupied by me just a few moments ago. She sniffed, "Kouryuu-sama smells nice..."

"Kohaku spices your life up, doesn't he? Kouryuu-sama?" Ruri asked.

I stood, eyes closed, hands by my side, as I conjured up a set of clothes with my powers. The symbol on my forehead glowed brightly. Dark energies swirled around me and coalesced into a set of clothes which fitted me perfectly, complete with gloves and a cape. Black. My favourite colour.

"Wah! Kouryuu-sama is so cool!" Ruri and Hari exclaimed. I smiled and gave them both a peck on the cheek before racing off, promising them more fun when I returned.

Kohaku was an angel.  He was very sweet. Highly gullible. Extremely prone to tears. I loved Kohaku. I loved making him cry. I loved seeing him cry.  At times, I felt that that was my sole mission in life. I chased after Kohaku with a passion. I'd chase him to the ends of the world and back again, just so I could bully him and make him cry. Call me a sadist. I don't care! Just so long as I get to see Kohaku's tears. I'd be the happiest demon to ever have lived. I'd die with no regrets. Yes, one of these days I am going to die laughing at that stupid little angel, that wuss.

Kohaku was powerful. Ranked directly after the 4 Archangels in terms of raw potential. However, kind little Kohaku knew nothing about using his powers for the offensive, as such he was never, is never and never shall be a match for me. To see him again... to see his tears... just the thought of it  set me afire. I hugged myself in glee.

Soon. My dear sweet Kohaku, very soon...

"You're late again," Kokuyou grumbled darkly. Kokuyou, the Demon Prince was my cousin. Tall, dark and handsome, he was everything a demon could wish for. The fact that he was good in bed was most definitely an added bonus. Don't ever tell him I said that or he'd cream my hide.

"Hey! It's not like you don't know my sleeping habits." I retorted.

"Yeah, I remember the time you were sleeping in my bed, the sun was halfway across the skies, frying your butt and you still refused to wake up."

"You're partly to blame for that!"


"I was just reminiscing about what we did the night before... every itsy bitsy little juicy detail."

Kokuyou looked at me funny. "Let's go. If we don't hurry, those angels are going to gripe at us. You know how angels are, punctuality is a BIG issue with them."

A warm family banter. There couldn't be a nicer way to start the day off. We mounted Kokuyou's black steed and flew off towards the direction of The Bridge.

The Bridge.

The only place where angels and demons could be found together, other than the mortal world. Demons couldn't enter Heaven or they'd be destroyed. Likewise, angels couldn't enter the Demon Realm for the same reason. That was why all meetings between the angels and demons were held at The Bridge. That was the only time I could get to be with Kohaku, the only time, I could play all my pranks on him.

"Why did you decide to come to the meeting out of the blue?"

"You need a baby-sitter," I replied in mock seriousness and promptly got my cheeks pinched. "OUCH! That hurts, you demon!" I rubbed my tender reddened cheeks to relieve some of the pain.

Kokuyou just grinned demonically. "I always thought you'd prefer to laze around back home and get fat."

"Not very likely! With you crushing me every other night with your sumo-wrestler-like weight. Any fats I'd have acquired would have been thoroughly squeezed out by yo- OUCH!!! Stop pinching me!!! Besides, that was before I discovered my joy in life."

"Not again! You're going to get into trouble one day for bullying that little angel." Kokuyou warned, mussing up my hair as one might a dog's shaggy fur. I was pretty sure I looked superdeformed by now. "Though I personally don't mind who you're with..."

"Hey! Stop that! You're messing up my hair! So what if he's an angel? Don't you fool around with little angels too?" Kokuyou was silent. Hah! Strike one for me!

"We made it just in time,"  Kokuyou finally broke the silence. I peeped down. There he was! Kohaku! I unfurled my midnight-black wings and glided down at once, much to the annoyance of my dark prince who was left spitting black feathers out of his mouth. A little gift from me in return for the slight blush he so thoughtfully added on my cheeks.

Kohaku looked even more beautiful in person. His white robes swirled around him as he moved. He bent down and gently touched a flower blossom with his fingertip, singing ever so softly. His soft tenor wafted through the breeze to caress my ear, teasing my senses, sending a shudder of delight through me. The song of an angel. An angel with the purest of heart. Someday, that angel would be mine. For today, I'll be satisfied with his tears, glistening like a crystal touched by the golden rays of the sun. Knowing that for the moment, I had captured his attention. I held sway over his tears. That was good enough for me.

The End.