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Yup, Rurouni here is DA Rurouni who set up the Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction Archive. It is somewhat defunct now I think, and you won't find any newer RK fics there but it's still worth a click.

*grin* Our page we set up to educate the uninformed about the wonders of yaoi. You can find introductions to yaoi titles that we randomly picked up from the comic stores that we thought were worth mentioning and other miscellaneous stuff. This page is maintained by the Home Experiments Team of which a friend, Herald Elanor is part of. Admittedly, she's responsible for most of the information on this page. We just play around with colours, fonts and pretty boys...


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This is place where we got all the cute lil' animated anime gifs from. Go have a look at all the other gifs available there!