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By Tracy Lim and Geraldine Cheong
July 1998

The Makings of a Rurouni...

1 fulled-blooded Hiko-Seijuurou-trained Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu,14th inheritor don't-wanna-be, Hitokiri Battousai
1 chilled fiance-murdered-by-the-above-ingredient Yukishiro Tomoe
1 house to store them
A handful of playful, bouncy, neighbouring children. [Both gender.]

First, you take one Hitokiri Battousai , and dump him in the same house as a Yukishiro
Tomoe, include some neighbouring children for them to play with and
there you have it, a rurouni in the making...

Caution step: Make sure that a Yukishiro Enishi and some Yaminobu are in
the vicinity, or end result will be an ordinary pharmacist, instead of a

The End.