20th September 2003
10 000 over hits and counting! Whee! Makes one wonder if the counter is working properly... Anyway, here's another Weiss Kreuz piece. This time, a ficlet entitled Ten Years Down The Road.
~Alexis C.

22nd May 2003
Uploaded a short piece that has been uncomplete since I started on it in 1998. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with it, so I decided to post it up as ficlet till I can think of other uses for it. Till then, hope you enjoy Darkness on the Seimaden page!

20th May 2003
Back after a year long break! Uploaded a new fic, my first lemon ever, entitled Breathe No More on the Weiss Kreuz page.
~Alexis C.

29th March 2002
Yup, did some more spring cleaning and decided to release this fic written 2 years back as well. As usual, feedback is appreciated for my first Suikoden fic, Bleeding Heart.
~Alexis C.

26th March 2002
Dug through my folder of unreleased fics today and reread Fragmented Past, a Final Fantasy 7 fic I wrote 3 years ago. After discovering that it wasn't all that bad, I edited it a little and dumped it here. Feedback anyone? Also, the use of animated gifs has been incorporated into the page. A new Links page is out and some ancient Stuff has been dug out...
~Alexis C.

2nd March 2002
The Weiss page is now up with a brand new fic, The One You Love. Feedback please?
~Alexis C.

16th February 2002
Rurouni here. Uploaded FY-OK, a Fushigi Yuugi parody I wrote with Lyndia donkey years ago. The Rurouni Kenshin and the Yuu Yuu Hakusho pages are all done! Finally! The entire website is done! All the links should work other than Strange Acquaintances which is undergoing heavy revision at the moment. I promise to work on all my uncompleted fanfics now that we have this website up and running in its entirety. Promise! Scout's honour. Yikes! I forgot! The Weiss Kreuz page isn't working too 'cos Alexis is still re-revising her fics. *ducks flying eggs and mandarin oranges*  Btw, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! PS. I have this to say to my co-page-maintainer: Alexis! You bum! I had to write almost 2/3 of the summaries myself and you know I'm lousy with summaries!

20th November 2001
Alexis here again. 2 updates in 1 day! Not bad considering the page hasn't been touched for about 8 months... The Stuff page is now up and ready for viewing. Corrected a whole host of little probs with fonts, sizes, colours etc... Argh! I hate HTML!

20th November 2001
Whee! Alexis here. Finally got Roc off her lazy butt to update the homepage! The X-Men page is finally done. Got the administrative duties sorted out at last. Roc does the technical stuff since Roc refers to me as a HTML dodo which I am and I get to do write ups and stuff (I think I get the better deal... but she thinks she gets the better deal...). As such, address reports on broken links and all other technical faults to Roc and bother her if she doesn't work on it... Also, we have finally gotten ourselves a nice Chinese counter! It looks so pretty! Problem is we have a hard time actually deciphering the characters... @_@

3rd March 2001:
Wish and Zetsuai 1989 / Bronze page done.

21st February 2001:
Uploaded some of the Rurouni Kenshin fics.

18th February 2001:
Revamped the homepage! These are the links that work for now - Escaflowne, Final Fantasy 7, Fushigi Yuugi, Live-In-Anime-Characters and Minna Ai no Seine.