Disclaimer: All the characters featured here that you recognise are not my own. I'm just taking wild liberties with them. This is a work of fiction written for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made out of this.

Warning: Yaoi. Men loving men.

Ten Years Down The Road

By Alexis C.
Completed September 2003

"What will we be doing 10 years down the road?"

Schuldig blinks slowly. The question is abrupt and seemingly out of the blue. Nothing that has happened thus far has foreshadowed this.

"Alive and killing or dead."

An odd little sound of annoyance. Evidently, this is not the answer the man is looking for.

"That's not what I meant."

Schuldig smirks. He knows what Yohji's really asking of course. He just can't help teasing Yohji every now and then.

Yohji frowns.

"Forget it." He makes as if to get off the bed, but Schuldig catches his arm. Sometimes, Schuldig wonders if Yohji isn't a little psychic himself.

He wouldn't be surprised.

"No, go on."

Yohji shakes his head stubbornly.

"It's nothing."

"Come on, I'm sorry. Ask me again."

Schuldig uses his best coaxing voice, purring out the words almost sensuously. Yohji's looking at him, trying hard not to smile. Schuldig draws closer and kisses Yohji lightly on the lips. Yohji's smile quickly becomes impossible to hide.  

Schuldig likes it when Yohji smiles at him.

Schuldig leans in and whispers intimately into Yohji's ear.

"Ask me again."

Yohji gives, shaking his head in silent amusement as he pulls back. He turns his emerald eyes to the bed sheet pooled around Schuldig's waist and begins to study it intently as if he's discovered something truly fascinatingly down there.

It takes him a while to air the question again. Schuldig waits.

"... What I meant, is where will we be 10 years down the road?"

Essentially, it's the same question as before. The same, only this time, Yohji stresses the word 'we' and lets the sentence hang in the air between them expectantly.

In honesty, Schuldig has thought about this before. In fact, he has been thinking about this issue with rather alarming frequency in the recent months. It's been bugging him for an awfully long time now, but Schuldig thinks he's got an answer and that it is the right one.

Yohji is looking at him now with a calm, carefully controlled look on his face. He looks nonchalant, at most mildly curious. He's hopeful, yet trying his best to act indifferent, to cushion himself for the blow that he's not quite sure will be coming his way. The silence is making him even more nervous. Schuldig knows this because he can read Yohji like an open book even without his telepathy. He knows this because he shares a bed with Yohji three nights a week and has been doing so for several months now.
"I don't know." Schuldig replies simply. "I don't know where we'll be in 10 years. But I do know this. Right here, right now, I want to be with you. Here, now and for another 10 years."

There is just the slightest tinge of red on Yohji's cheek and then the smile is there again, bright and so very warm.

Schuldig likes it when Yohji smiles at him. He likes it very much indeed.

The End.