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Stranger in Black

Part 4
By Alexis C.

Lila shivered in the chill of the night breeze.  The thin material of her blouse offered her little protection as did the coarse material of the brown skirt that flapped soundlessly around her slim shapely legs.  The eerie black shadows cast by the misshapen trees surrounding the stable yard danced crazily around her ever so often when the night wind swayed the trees.  The crackling sound of dried leaves rustling in the wind by her feet did her jumpy nerves little good too.  At the slightest movement she jumped, at the weirdest sounds she craned her pale slim neck, trying to see through the foggy darkness that obscured her view.

Normally, she would never have done this for anyone in the world, no, not even her best friend and fiancee, Bobby.  But this man was special, no doubt the most charming and mysterious man she had met.  She watched him leave the inn every time dusk came upon them, cloaked in the mystery surrounding him, his features hardened and dangerous.  She watched him everytime he returned to the inn, exhausted and weary, his hair in disarray and the soft glow in his eyes older somehow.  She once saw him laugh, withholding none of the pain and sadness behind the front he often hid behind.  The twinkle in his eyes had warmed her from head to toe and she had practically shivered in delight as his laughter sounded through the spooky old inn she called home, much to the surprise of her father and several of the guests present.  The startled look on their faces flashed into her mind's eye and she had to bite her lips to keep from laughing aloud.  She was a fool in love.

She sighed, taking the shawl that covered her head off, closing her sparkling blue eyes and letting the breeze caress her lustrous black hair.  The soft clattering of stones being kicked around somewhere floated to her ears.  It grew louder and closer.  Startled, Lila opened her eyes.  Nothing was amiss.  Nothing save the clattering and clashing of stones that was steadily growing louder.  And before her mind could register what was happening, a horse and it's rider burst through the shadows straight towards her.  She gasped as the strong arms of the rider seized her lithe waist and lifted her bodily onto the fine mare that was neighing loudly.


"De name be Remy LeBeau.  I believe we 'ave a date.  Hold on tight."

She could see the lines of grim determination etched onto his face as were the lines of worry.  His breathing was laboured and tiny beads of perspiration trickled down his strikingly handsome face as his eyes glowed an impossible red.  The mare continued at her frantic speed and the sound of horse-hoofs and shouting voices convinced her that they were being chased.

"Remy?  What is happ...?"

"Hush.  No words, chere.  Trus' me."

Trust.  That was one scary word.  It was hard enough to trust the people closest to her heart but a total stranger?  It would be difficult.  Sensing the unrest within her, he uttered a single word.


At that moment, she put all her trust in him.  He could have stabbed a knife through her heart then, but she wouldn't have minded.  She placed her life in his hands, confident that he would get them through this.  And he did.

Slowly, the noises faded away to the shrieking of the wind.  Their pursuers had lost them.  Then, and only then, did he finally slow down and stop.

"Ride...of your life...eh, chere?"

She nodded, unable to speak at that moment.  He dismounted and offered her his hand.  She slid down the horse and fell somewhat ungracefully into his waiting arms.  He steadied her.  She stared into his eyes, the twin fires burning deep into her.  The perfectness of the moment touched her.  Slowly, she reached up and gently pulled him down by his cloak.  His eyes were now slightly glazed over, his breathing heavier.  The clouds parted and the moonlight fell upon them, bathing them in its soft glow.  A flare of life sparked in his eyes.  He pulled her a little too roughly against him.  Their lips met.

As their kiss became more passionate, his grip on her tightened.  It almost seemed as if he was pulling her into him.  Her head spinning wildly, her knees buckled, but it didn't matter, he was supporting her.  Nothing mattered now.


His voice was husky, full of lust and desire.  His fingers twitched and he started kissing her neck.  She could feel his nimble fingers roaming over her body...and suddenly, he pulled away, his face flushed.


"Chere...I'm sorry, I dunno what came over me I..."

His voice trailed off and he buried his face into his hands.

Gently, she reached over and took his head into her hands so that he was facing her.

"No apologies, Remy.  I don't know what came over us, but I was as much to blame as you are."

He suddenly broke into a mischievious grin as he stared at her.  Self-consciously, she looked down at herself...and started buttoning up her blouse in a panic.

"Remy you...!"

Laughing, she chased him.  And all of a sudden, he skidded to a halt, whirled round, seized her by the waist and spun around with her.  Caught off guard, she let out a little squeak of shock and delight.  Finally, he collapsed on the grassy hill, her on top of him.

"Chere...you be one heavy gal..."


Affectionately, she yanked his hat over his eyes.  He peeped out.

"Wan' ta go for a walk in de woods?"

She nodded.

He took hold of the reins of the mare and with his other hand took her hand.  They headed towards the woods.



"What happened back there?"

He frowned. "Nothing chere. It was nothing."

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