Disclaimer: All characters you recognise are Marvel's.  The rest are mine.  This is a What If story.  I got the idea from a poem we did for Literature called 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes.

Stranger in Black

By Alexis C.

"A Devil!  It was a devil that attacked me, I swear it!  His eyes...they...they were blood red!  Blood red on black!

Lila Cheney sighed.  The man had been raving non-stop ever since he came into the inn.  According to him, a 'devil' with flapping wings on a horse had stopped his carriage, pointed a pistol at him and demanded all the valuables he had.  But she seriously doubted it.  Devils demanding money??!!  They were suppose to steal souls or something like that.

"Sir, please calm down.  It was probably just another highwayman.  The wings you saw might just have been his cloak..." Lila tried to soothe him but he grabbed her arm with an iron grip.

"But his eyes!  Explain why his eyes were red on black!"

Lila grimaced in pain and tried to pull free but he was too strong.  He yanked her down till she was face to face with him.  His eyes were hollows of madness as he screamed, "HE'S A DEVIL!! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!! A DEVIL!!

His grip loosened and Lila pulled free and ran out of the room her heart thudding with fear.  She stopped running only when she couldn't hear the mad ranting anymore.  Shivering, she hugged herself.  Could it be that the robber was a devil?  The victim of the robbery seemed to have lost all his sanity.
Somewhere in the distance, a long mournful howl of the wind reached her ears and she peered out of the window.  It was a stormy night and the sky was blanketed by a thick layer of clouds.  Closing her eyes she leaned out of the window and let the wind caress her long black hair.  Slowly but surely the wind blew her fears away.

And nearby, a man dressed entirely in black watched her.

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