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Part 12
January 1998
By Geraldine Cheong

"It's alright, sugah. No one's gonna hurt ya."

Try as she might, she was unable to coax Storm out of the corner of the room she crouched in. Storm's claustrophobia almost drove her crazy the night before. She screamed herself hoarse, then curled herself up into a tight little ball and hid the darkened corner shivering. Rogue feared for her friend's sanity. Why isn't the X-men here yet? Didn't they realise that something is wrong? Are they even aware of our disappearance? Or are they too busy trying to save the world to care about a couple of members who are lost from their ranks? She reached out to Storm.

"NO! STAY BACK! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Storm cringed back further.

"Sugah, it's me, Rogue. Ah'm ya friend. Ah won't hurt ya."

Storm shook her head. "Where's Gambit?" She demanded. "I want Gambit!"

Sapphire knew now that the X-man known as Gambit was the very same Remy that she thought had perished a decade ago. She couldn't recognise him at first, his eyes were different. Once they blazed a deep crystalline blue, now they glowed like the pits of hells. They were no less alluring then before, perhaps even more so. His movements were fluid. His walk had an easy grace to it. His smile, obnoxiously smug, yet somewhat reassuring. The current Remy didn't seem to remember her. Or didn't want to. She didn't know which was worse - to have Remy remember her, then find out that she was helping Geneviere to take him down or to have Remy forget that she even existed.

Now there was young Jubilation Lee to take into account. The situation had just gotten more complicated. Miss Darceneaux's hologram scared Jubilee last night. That much she knew from Miss Darceneaux herself. She didn't want to hurt the two X-men, they were family. Yet, Miss Darceneaux was her benefactress, not Remy, not Jubilee. Life was full of contradictions. She hated it.

She frowned. If that Storm doesn't stop yelling, I'm going to need hearing aids soon. Think gal, think, Storm's claustrophobic, maybe... She smiled. That just might work.

The overhead lights flickered on. The sudden harsh glare was hurting to behold.

"Yeeeouch!" Rogue cursed. The door crept open. It was the girl who had ambushed them. "Whadda ya want?! Why'd ya bring us here? Where is here?" Rogue fired off a volley of questions. The girl merely frowned at her, put her fingers to her lips and turned to Storm.

"C'mere." She smiled reassuringly.

"No. Don't listen to her, Storm. Stay away from her." Neither Storm nor the girl showed any indication that they heard her.

"I've got something for you." The girl smiled secretively, then winked. "From Gambit."

Storm inched her way over to the small package that the girl held out towards her, snatched it, and retreated back into her little corner, eyeing the girl suspiciously. "From Remy?"

The girl nodded. Storm examined with the contents of the package with great interest. It contained a deck of cards, similar to that which Gambit used. She beamed, then asked the girl, "Did Remy say anything?"

"Yup. He said to tell you to be good and stop screaming. He'll get you out tonight."


"Meanwhile be a good girl and get some sleep. You want to be rested by tonight, don't you?"

Storm nodded and fell silent.

"Who are you? What's this about Gambit?" Rogue interjected.

"I am Sapphire. Remy's friend."

"What do ya want with us?"

Soft laughter broke out from behind Sapphire. She tensed. It was Geneviere.

"It's not y' I want, my dear Rogue. Y' are merely de bait for a bigger catch."

Rogue gasped. "Remy."

"My my, y' are de perceptive little X-man, aren' y'?"

"Ya'll stay away from Remy, ya hear?!"

"Y' will be free to go after tonight." Geneviere pondered over that, then added, "if y' survive tonight dat is." The door swung shut.

Rogue looked over at Storm. Storm was contentedly playing with her cards, without a care in the world. "What's happened to ya, gal?"

Geneviere's expression hardened. Sapphire withered under her icy glare.

"What were y' doin' in dere?" Geneviere's voice was strangely calm, yet the anger that blazed in her eyes was unmistakable. Sapphire blanched.

"Storm was claustrophobic. I...I just wanted to comfort her."

"What was that about being 'Remy's friend'?"

"I...He...W-we were together in 'The Lost Horizon'."

"Is dat so?" Geneviere's eyes narrowed into slits.

"He don't remember me now, Miss Darceneaux. It does not matter what our past together was. You were the one who took me out, not him. I'd serve you loyally even if it meant betraying him." Sapphire hastened to reassure Geneviere.

"Only y' would know dat!"

"Miss Darů"

"Enough! Take Storm t' him. A mad woman would only be a hindrance to me. I no longer have any need of her."

"Yes, Miss Darceneaux."



"Y' rescued Storm. Y' went against my orders an' rescued Storm because y' were grateful t' 'im for helpin' y' find your sister. Do y' understand?"

"You knew?"

"Is dat understood?!"

"Yes." Sapphire gulped.

"Bien. Tres bien." Geneviere waved her away.

Sapphire bowed and left to carry out her orders.

End of Part 12