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This parody wrote itself during our email correspondence, it started off when I was complaining to Pan about my pathetic grades...

Give me one youko please!

By Pan and Rurouni
June 1998

Rurouni: If only I could get Minamino's help in schoolwork...

Pan: Why don't you?

Rurouni: Minamino! Minamino-kun! I need some help...

Minamino: Hang on, I'll get the entire Urameshi team here.

Rurouni: But I only need one youko.

Minamino: Well, okay, let me shift forms first. *turns into a kitsune* Is this better now?

Rurouni: Iie, I need one youko, not one kitsune.

Kitsune: Now aren't you fussy. A kitsune is not much different from a youko is it? *sweeps his 4 magnificent tails around*

Rurouni: But a youko is more powerful than a kitsune and definitely much much more

Kitsune: Well I'm staying the way I am. Tickle me! I like being tickled! I belong to the cat family you know...

Rurouni: Change into a youko and I'll tickle you. Youkos belongs to the cat family too!

Kitsune: Youkos are more human that kitsune. Come on! *waves the tails all around* Besides, Youko Kurama would not want to be tickled, I assure you that...

Rurouni: No human have furry ears and a bushy tail. Not to mention, no humans are as pretty as youkos. A kitsune is just slightly better than a pet cat. I want a youko.

Kitsune: So fussy. Well, don't blame me if anything goes wrong with Youko Kurama. *shifts form*

Rurouni: Yatta! (stares at Youko the way Tamahome stares at okane and Miaka at food)

Kurama: A rose for you? Or how about just some stupid mirror Kuronue and I were going to steal from some stupid treasure hold...

Rurouni: How about both? Ok, now that you're here, you can teach me all that I don't know.

Kurama: So what do you want to know?

Rurouni: Ok, we'll start with Biology, since that's your favourite subject...never mind that fact I already got an A1 for that...after that we can go on to English...Literature...Japanese...etc...

Pan as Kurama: Hmmm... I don't even TAKE biology... Nevermind...

Kurama: Okay... let's start with the digestive system. No no, I think let's start with literature... that's one of my better subjects...

Rurouni: Fine with me, that's one of my favourite subject. Analyse Kurama's behaviour (both youko and ningen) and say why he act the way he does.

Kurama: Okay, I can point you to a few fics which will do the explaining for me.

Why Kurama acts the way he does:
1) Songs of Innocence and Experience (Kurama)
2) Shadows from the Past (Kurama)
3) A mother's love (Shuuichi)
4) Shougatsu (Shuuichi)
5) White Wishes (Kurama to Shuuichi)
6) Ima Anata To (Shuuichi)
... and lots more I can't remember at the moment...

Rurouni: I thought Youkos had excellent memories?

Kurama: This one doesn't... ~sigh... or maybe YOU should write a fic featuring this. But in any case, Ima Anata To is THE fic to read for relationships between Shioru and Shuuichi.

Rurouni: Ok, let me go find it. You are dismissed, Pan as Kurama, I no longer have any need of you. You obviously ain't as brilliant as the real the one and only original YOUKO KURAMA! Now scoot!

Pan: Thanks! ^^x PHEW! It was so hard trying to act genius, especially trying to act like Kurama, especially when I'm not a genius!

Rurouni: What tensai Pan? Not a genius? [Apparently Pan has mistaken me for a certain 700++ year old baby whom she thinks she can easily trick.]

The End.