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entertainment purposes, no profit is being made out of it. Do not distribute it in any form.

Note: This is a mega-crossover, with characters from Rurouni Kenshin, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing and Neon Genesis Evangelion, rather confusing... yah, the writers themselves got confused at times.

International Convention

By Pan and Rurouni
July 1998

At the International Convention of Shonen and Shoujo Jump...

Kurama: Come on Hiei... just take off your bandana...

Hiei: No.

Kurama: Come on...

Hiei: NO.

Kurama: But it's a fancy dress party! If you refuse to dress fancily, at least show them some fancy gimmicks!

Hiei: No. And my Jagan is not a 'fancy gimmick'.

Kurama: *pouts, then carries Hiei off to the toilet*

Yuusuke: Kurama?

Kurama: Yuusuke-kun? What the...

Hiei: Let go!

Kurama: You know, Yuusuke-kun... the 'bare' facts of life and the 'naked' principles of existence do eventually bring us to this fancy dress party... however so...

Yuusuke: Why? Don't you like my rare little Aboriginal outfit?

Kurama: Very *little* indeed... just a loincloth and Yuusuke with long hair and zebra strips on him...

Hiei: Jaoh Ensatsu... Koku..m emjrlajsmememjfjfjfff... !!!

Yuusuke: What's with Hiei?

Kurama: Nothing. I'm just trying to get him dressed. Anyway Yuusuke-kun, do you think Keiko will be happy to see you like this?

Yuusuke: Let her deal with it.

Kenshin: Oh dear de gozaru. I'm lost de gozaru.

Kuwabara: OEI! Kurama!
[Note: Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin looks a little like Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Well, at least they both have long red hair.]

Kenshin: Oro?

Kuwabara: Hah! Thought you'd be dragging that shrimp down for diaper wrapping. By the way... very authentic costume you got there... and nice scar...

Kenshin: You must be mistaken... this isn't a costume, and sessha have no idea where sessha is...

Botan: Do you think Kurama's gone off his rockers?

Koenma: ...

Shishio: Hey, Battousai!

Kuwabara: Woah! Check this guy's outfit! Mummified!

Shishio: *glares at Kuwabara and lights his sword on fire*

Kuwabara: Not another fire wielding idiot...

*Shishio slams him away*

Shishio: Battousai, where is this place?

Kenshin: You tell sessha de gozaru...

Soujirou: Shishio-san... ! I... I can't find Yumi sister... I think she's lost... too many people here...

Yukina: Are these three people having a mini feudal Japan fancy dress party by themselves? Oh I regret not coming in my kimono!

Kuwabara: Not to fear Yukina-san! The Great Kuwabara Kazuma shall appoint himself the great duty of bringing your beautiful kimono here in ten seconds!

Hiei: Get lost.

Everyone from YYH: HIEI?!

*check, Hiei is not looking like himself today. REPEAT: Hiei is NOT looking like his usual self today...*

Kurama: Konbanwa, minna-san. How do you like my choice of clothes for Hiei?

Hiei: It's disgusting.

Kenshin: A little too cute, that's all. Tone down the colours a little and it'll be okay.

Soujirou: Hahahahah...

Hiei: You dare laugh at me? Draw your sword!

Soujirou: OOps... Shishio-san... I don't have a sword...

Botan: Two Kuramas?

Koenma: ... confusing...

Karasu: NO, all the better for me... two Kuramas... it's like a dream come true...

Soujirou: This is a fancy dress party right? While we're here why don't we just enjoy ourselves.

Shishio: Actually, it's an international convention. While you're having fun, help me to look for Yumi, will you?

Kenshin: Oro...I see my wife...Tomoe wait!

Rei: ...

Kenshin: I like your new haircut. Cool. You dyed it blue for this convention thingie?
[Note: Yukishiro Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin looks like Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.]

Meanwhile, Duo Maxwell was wandering around the convention hall in his Shinagami outfit calling for his fellow team-mate, Heero Yuy.

Duo: [in a sing-song voice] Heero, Heero! Where are you?

Tamahome: I think I heard Chichiri over there...but why is he calling for a hero? Does he need help? I, Tamahome of the shichi seishi of Suzaku will...
[Note: Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing is voiced by Seki Toshihiko whereas Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi is voiced by Seki Tomokazu. However, the poor writer was so confused at this point that she thought they were done by the same one person, Seki-something.]

Tasuki: Ah, stop that you sound so corny!

Tamahome: Hey! I heard someone saying something like that just now, sounded pretty catchy.

Kenshin: Tomoe?

Rei: ...

Kurama: Ma. I think I'll go get some food for all of us.


Yuusuke: (lapses into the dance music version of 'All Right')

*Kurama leaves*

Kurama: Hmmm... what would Hiei like, maybe ice cream... Yuusuke? Well... he'll take anything, just give him junk. As for Kuwabara-kun...

Rei: (hiding behind him) ...

Kurama: Eh?
[Let's not forget that Ikari Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Kurama aka Minamino Shuuichi from Yuu Yuu Hakusho has the same seiyuu, Ogata Megumi ^_^x]

Kenshin: Tomoe! Tomoe, don't run, please! You know it wasn't my fault that I had to kill you, it was in the script! Please, Tomoe!!

*Kurama looks at Kenshin*

*Kenshin looks at Kurama*

Both: WA!

Duo: Hmm... since Heero's not here, I'll look for someone else. Hmmm... oh Trowa! TROOOOOOOWAAAAAA!

Kurama: Impossible! We look too alike! He even has my scar at the Ankoku!

Kenshin: Don't tell me Tomoe mistook him for me?

Kurama: Jeepers! I think, to avoid confusion... *reverts*

Youko: Much better...

Kenshin: ... ORO?!?!?

Youko: Who are you?

Kenshin: Shouldn't sessha be asking that de gozaru ka?

Duo: Hmmm... I hear Trowa!
[Yes, yet another note, confusing, eh? Youko Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing has the same seiyuu, Nakahara Shigeru.]

Kaoru: Oh where is Kenshin?

Yumi: Where is Shishio-sama?

Miaka: You girls stop whining and help me look for Tamahome!

Kamatari: Ah! There you are, Yumi! Shishio-sama has the entire Juppon Gatana searching for you! What a big waste of our time and talent!

Shinji: 'Kaasan! [hugs Kamatari]
[Yup, time for another note, RKer Kamatari's design was based on Ikari Yui from Neon Genesis Evangelion, I think.]

Kamatari: Huh?

Duo burst in on the Kurama/Kenshin confusion!

Duo: TR-O-WAAA! Trowa? [blinks confused at Youko Kurama standing before him]

[Important point to note: Youko Kurama and Himura Battousai are not in a very friendly mood.]

Duo: ~gulps~

Youko and Battousai's eyes flash a dangerous gold...

Duo: ~squeaks~ Help?

Tamahome: I, Tamahome of the shichi seishi have come to your aid, Chichi...

Tasuki: Oh, stop that! Eh? That's not Chichiri?


Kuwabara: AHAHA AHAHA!!! Look! YUKINA-SAN! I, ai no seishi, otoko Kuwabara Kazuma has bought you your kimono in record time? Eh? You already have a kimono?

Tsubame: ...kowaii...
[Sanjou Tsubame from RK and Yukina from YYH have the same seiyuu, Shiratori Yuri.]

Yahiko: You stay away from my woman!

Kuwabara: ~splutters~ Your woman? Fear not YUKINA-SAN! I'll rescue you from this little squirt here...

Rei: ...

Battousai: How dare you snatch my wife away!

Youko: Your WHAT? *looks at Rei* Her? I didn't snatch her away!

Rei: *Funny, I heard Shinji's voice just now...*

Duo: Erm... Trowa... oh dear...

We pause now to list out the convention confusions...

We now go on with our convention confusions...

Hiei: Never underestimate the powers of my Jagan!

Soujirou: Ahahahahah... what do we do now, Shishio-san?

Shishio: We fight! *draws his sword*

Botan: In the middle of a convention hall?!?!

Hiei: Good...

Koenma: Minna, if you don't want to see me again after this convention, I propose you take one step back.

Yuusuke: Make that ten steps back.

Shishio: [maniacal grin] I suggest you folks better run and hide under your mommy's skirts if you don't want your fats smeared on my sword... [runs his sword along the ground to start up a barbecue fire...]

Soujirou: Go Shishio-san! Roast them!

Hiei: That's child's play... HAAA...... JOAH...

Koenma: Everyone take cover!

Yuusuke: Not again!

Hiei: ...ENSATSU...

Youko: That youki...masaka...HIEI!

Rei walks off in search Shinji and Kenshin runs after her.

Duo: Eh...Trowa? Nice costume...where'd get that hair, those ears, that tail and those eyes...?

Hiei: ...KOKURYUHA!!!!!
[A black dragon leaps forth from Hiei's right hand and causes widespread chaos and destruction in the convention hall.]

The Suzaku shichi seishis: SEIRYUU!!!!!

Miaka: Oh no! Seiryuu has been released! As Suzaku no Miko, I must call upon Suzaku sei-jun to seal the Seiryuu!

Kaoru: Stop blabbing nonsense and help me find my Kenshin!

Yumi: Yah, and my Shishio-sama!

Shinji:[still hugging Kamatari] 'Kaasan, I miss you!

Miaka: Demo shikashi... when did Seiryuu become barbecued dragon?

Tamahome: I say, Tasuki, is that Seiryuu or Kuroryuu?

Tasuki: Maybe the Seiryuu seishis couldn't tahan (Malay for 'stand it') anymore and roasted their dragon for lunch.

Tamahome: Stupid.

Tasuki: HEY!

Mukuro: Fear not, my convention pals! I shall conquer the dragon!

*Mukuro grabs the dragon by the jaw and tears it into two ALA Makai tournament Hiei versus Mukuro.*

Hiei: My Kokuryuuha!

Yuusuke: PHEW!

Botan: Minna, NEVER underestimate the powers of the Jagan.

Hotohori: Oh look, someone just tore Seiryuu into two!

Nuriko: And that someone wasn't me! Where will I hide my face after this...

Kurama: *back in Shuuichi shape after wrapping Duo up in vines for touching his tail* Looks like the convention is a general failure... *glares at sleeping Hiei in his arms* Thanks to you, of course.
[Rurouni: How did Hiei get into Kurama's arms? Hmm...]

Shonen Jump Editor: Hello? Erm, my dear comic characters... if you would allow your respective series representative a few words...

Hiko: Kenshin! Get away from Rei!
*spotlight on Kenshin holding Rei's hand*

Kenshin: BUT I LOVE TOMOE! *starts to cry* I just wanted to talk to her one more time! *cries and wails* I want to stay with my wife forever...

Hiko: But she's not...

Taiitsukun: *takes over the mike* My turn my turn!

Taiitsukun: My dear shichi seishis and suzaku no miko, devoted fans and readers...

Shizuru: [snatches mike and spotlight] Ok that's enough! My turn. Dear everybody, thank you for attending this convention. It is with greatest pride and deepest pleasure that I...

Nakago: Ok! We made it! Seiryuu shichi seishis! The International convention of Shonen and Shoujo Jump! Have fun, minna! I'll pick you up in an hours time. Try not to kill too many people. Meanwhile, let me go find Shishio and have a nice chit-chat with him...

Soi: Yes, I want to discuss with Yumi about our deaths, whether it's worth it to die for hardcore villians.

Shonen Jump Editor: Eto...I'm afraid you're a little late...the convention's over.

Seiryuu shichi seishis: WHAT?!

Shonen Jump Editor: ~sweatdrop~

Hiko: [holding on to a wailing Kenshin's hand] No no, that's not Tomoe, that's Rei, from Evangelion, she is Ikari Shinji's woman...

Kenshin: [sniffling] Who's that? I'll kill him...sniff sniff...

Hiko: Now be a good boy and follow me home, I'll give you some ice-cream and bring Tomoe to you...I'll make sure Kaoru never bullies you again...or Sanosuke for that matter...

Kenshin: Ice-cream? Tomoe?! No big meanie Sano-kenkaya?  No nasty Kaoru-dono... OKIE!

Hiei: [tugging at Hiko's pants] I WANT SOME SWEET SNOW TOO!!!

Pan: Eh? When did he wake up?

Rurouni : Oops! I forgot he was still sleeping off the effects of releasing the Kokuryuuha.

Shizuru: Hiei! You come over right now or I'll have Mukuro spank you!

Hiei sulks.

Kurama: Hiei looks so cute!

Hiei: JAOH...

Shizuru: Dare do that again and I'll ask Togashi-sama to write a scene where you get trashed by Kazuma!

Kuwabara: Eh?

Taiitsukun: Ok! All my mikos and seishis, please! Return to your respective fanfics! Your writers are waiting for you!

Seiryuu shichi seishis: We demand an extension of the convention! We didn't come all the way from the book just to watch the party close down!!!  ^#)Q!$*#@!^$#

*the building begins to tremble*

Shoujo jump editor: I think...

Shonen jump editor: ... it's time...

*a piece of the pillar falls down*

Everyone: TO SCRAM!

Koenma: Oh dear... who let Sakyou loose again?

Sakyou: Neneneneeeheheheh... I shall blow up the building just like how I blew up the Ankoku stadium...

Shizuru: Hey Kazu! Leggo that girl! She belongs to Rurouni Kenshin!

Yahiko: Yah, leggo!  [Slams Kuwabara away with his shinai]

Kuwabara: Why you little durian head! REI-KEN!

Nearby, a piece of plaster falls on Duo head...

Duo: [he finally managed to gather his comrades and shake off the youko on his tail] Hey guys! I think we better high tail outta here! This place is caving in!

So the 5 G-boys got into their Gundams and flew to the moon...

Rei: [sings] Fly me to the moon...

Kenshin: Oro?

Rei: [sings] And let me play among the stars...

Kenshin: Ororo?

Rei: [sings] Let me see what Spring is like on Jupiter and Mars...

Kenshin: Jupiter and Mars wa nan desuka? [What is Jupiter and Mars?]

Rei: [sings] In other words, hold my hand!

Kenshin: H-hai! Holding holding...

Rei: [sings] In other words, darling, kiss me!

Kenshin: [turning as red as his hair] Darling? Sessha de gozaru? Kiss you? Dame desune! Too many people here...not very nice...

Rei: [sings] Fill my heart with song...

Kenshin: [eagerly] You want me to sing for you?

Rei: [sings] And let me sing forevermore...

Kenshin: Ok ok!

Rei: [sings] You are all I long for...

Kenshin: [blushing and beaming at the same time] Really?

Rei: [sings] All I worship and adore...

Kenshin: Same here! You are the goddess of my life, my Tomoe...just like Tokio is Saitou's...

Rei: [sings] In other words, please be true!

Kenshin: I'll go and dump that no good Kaoru right away...she's always bullying me anyway...

Rei: [sings] In other words, I love you!

Kenshin: I love you too![English] Wo ai ni![Chinese] Ai shiteru![Japanese]

Hiko: Kenshin! Where are you?! Aha! Come here, you naughty boy! Stop holding Rei's hand!

Kenshin: Demo...

Nakago: [to the poor frightened Shonen Jump Editor] Quick! Restart the convention!

Taiitsukun: [tugs at Nakago's ear] Behave!

SD Nakago: WAH!!!

More bricks and plaster fall.

Shizuru: Yuu Yuu Hakusho no minna! Kochi kochi!! (Everybody in Yuu Yuu Hakusho! Over here over here!!)

Sakyou: Wait a minute, I need to blow up this place.

Sensui: That should be *my* honour, to blow it up and to destroy all mankind...

Itsuki: Always with 'ya!

Shizuru: ... Hiko-san, come over here for a while...

Hiko: Yes?

Shizuru: Hmm... do you read Togashi's manga?

Hiko: Yah...

Shizuru: In that case...

Nakago: I want to convention to restart!

Shonen Jump Editor: That isn't too possible... the arena is already ruined...

Taiitsukun: Come come...

Shizuru: KURAMA!!! COME come... !

Hiko: Ugh oh... I think I know where this is heading towards.

Youko Kurama: *glares* What is it, I was just about to have fried naughty fire demons who refuse to behave for dinner.

Shizuru: Change back.

Youko: To what.

Shizuru: Shuuichi.

Youko: Who's Shuuichi?

Yuusuke: Ugh, Shizuru-san, you can forget about it. He's in one of those fox moods again. He'll play hide and seek with you till the end of time...

Shizuru: I DON'T CARE! I'm representing Togashi-sama here, I'm in charge of his characters. And you're HIS character creation! So you'd better LISTEN TO ME!

Youko: Who's 'me'?

Hiko: Maa... maa... Kenshin! Good boy, stop holding Rei and come over here...

Kenshin: ... *looks at Rei lovingly* But...

Rei: *looks back emotionlessly* ...

Kenshin: Okay! I've decided!

Hiko: What?

Kenshin: I'm leaving with my wife!

Hiko: WHAT?!?!

Kenshin: *turns Battousai and glares* Anybody who tries stop me... shall die!
(he sweeps Rei off her feet and disappears)

Hiko: KEnshiN! WAIT! That... That's not Tomoe!! She didn't come to the convention... she couldn't make it!! COME BACK!

(Meanwhile, a very disorientated Tomoe and Enishi are walking through the rubble of the back stages...)

Shinji: Ah! Ayanami!

Asuka: About time she got here. We should've just gone back without her!

Tomoe: What? Excuse me but...

Shinji: No time to explain, come let's go... we need to go back now and... woah! Cool costume, Ayanami! You've even grew your hair and dyed it black!

Tomoe: I really... don't know what you're talking about...

Enishi: Come on sis, I want to find Kenshin! Let's go!

Tomoe: Sumimasen... (excuse me) I need to make a move to find my husband now...

Shinji: Ayanami... you're married?

Tomoe: ...

Enishi: She's Yukishiro! NOT AYANAMI! Actually, she's Mrs Himura, but... anyway, she's not who she thinks she is!

Asuka: OOOoooh whatever!

Tomoe: I'm not who I think I am? What are you talking about, Enishi-chan? [to Shinji] And will you stop tugging at my sleeve? My husband...

Enishi: ...is a jerk!

Tomoe: You keep your mouth shut or I'll put you over my lap and spank you. I don't care if it's in public.

Enishi: But it's true! He killed you!

Tomoe: Don't you get it yet? He had to! It was in the script!

!!!BANG!!! <= Youko style 'Bang' for all those who have heard him.
A red and a blue figure collides with them.

Kenshin: OUCH!!! ITETETETE!!! Tomoe's you're heavy! [looks up at Tomoe, then at Rei] Oro?

Enishi: Battousai! I'll kill you! Come face my jinchu and die like the dog you are!

Kenshin: [to Tomoe] Dear, your brother's very 'cute'.

Tomoe: Didn't I tell you?

Enishi: Battousai! You stay away from my sis! Do you not see what I have here? [holds out something long wrapped with cloth]

Battousai: Oho! A broom? You plan to sweep me off my feet?

Enishi: Omae wa korosu!

Shinji: Ayanami!

Asuka: Just like you to be running around with another man! Come on! Let's go!

Asuka grabs both Shinji and Rei's hands and runs off with them.

Hiko: [stumbling upon the Himura/Yukishiro group] Ah! There you are! Quick! Come! Yahiko and Tsubame are waiting for us in the car.

Enishi: No! Not unless you let me kill Battousai in the series.

Hiko: We can dicuss this at length at home...ok? Now, let's move out before...[piece of ceiling falls right in front of him...]

Enishi: NO! NO! NO!

Tomoe hauls Enishi over her shoulders.

Tomoe: Hiko-sama, let's go.

Tomoe leads the way with Kenshin tagging behind obediently.

Enishi: WAH! Put me down! This is so embarrassing! My Six Mates are going to die laughing! My sunglasses are falling off! NEESAN!!!

On their way out, they meet Taiitsukun and her little troop of SD seishis, some are holding hands, some are sucking their thumbs, some are rubbing their eyes looking sleepy, some are trying to kill some, some are making a lot of noise, one is tugging at Taiitsukun's hand...

SD Nakago: [tears in his eyes] Please leggo me ear, I'll be good, I promise...

SD Chichiri: You're lying no da!

SD Nakago: You shut up! I hate you!

Squibbing SD voices in the background.

Hiko: Where's Shizuru?

Taiitsukun: Still trying to take her youkais in hand. That Sakyo and Sensui just refuses to leave, and you know Kurama in his difficult moods. Also, Karasu just made his presence known to Kurama.

Hiko: I wish Shizuru lots of luck! These 3 are the last of my charges.

Taiitsukun: All of mine are here.

Sqeaky SD voices get louder and more excitable!

Taiitsukun: Hotohori! You put your finger over your lips this instant!

SD Hotohori: But it wasn't me! It was him! [pointing to SD Zech] Besides, I'm the emperor, you can't order me around!
[Note: Zech and Hotohori share the same voice actor, Koyasu Takehito]

Taiitsukun: And who made you the emperor?

SD Hotohori: ~gulps~

SD Zech: Stop holding my hand! My Gundam is over there! I have to get to it! The 5 G-boys have left without me! If I don't catch up soon, I'll lose my way home!

SD Zech wrenches free and runs back to his Gundam.


Shizuru: Please! Come back with me! This place is going to collapse soon!

Hiei: I'm scared, Shizuru-sama!

Kurama: [glares at Hiei] And whose fault is it?!

Hiei whimpers and cuddles closer to Shizuru.

Karasu: Ah! My lovely fox, you look so cute when you're pretending to be angry...

Kurama: KARASU!!!

Karasu: Shall we dance? Oops! I meant fight...

Koenma and Botan: [starts singing] Shall we fight? Shall we fight? Join us! Join us!

Shizuru: Please you can all do what you want at home!

Kurama: Home? Whose home?

Shizuru: ARRGGGHHHH!!! That's does it! I'm leaving! You can all stay here and get crushed! I'll just ask Togashi-sama to invent new characters to replace you! [carries Hiei and stalks off]

All Yuu Yuu Hakusho characters turn SD and starts toddling after Shizuru as quickly as their stubby little legs can carry them...

YYHers: Shizuru-sama! Wait for me!

SD Youko: [Biting tail] Shizuru-sama? Carry me?

YYHers: Carry me carry me!

SD Karasu: Kurama, I carry you! I carry you!

SD Youko: No! Go 'way!

SD Karasu: [cries] Kurama don't like me! [Bombs start flying.]

Shizuru: EEKS!!!!

SD Sakyo and SD Sensui: No!!! I wanted to destroy the building!

SD Itsuki: It's ok, Sensui! My portals have swallowed up all the bombs.

Shizuru: Whew!

Rumbling earthquake sounds are made. Hiko and Taiitsukun are signalling furiously at Shizuru.

Hiko: Shizuru-san! HURRY UP!

Taiitsukun: The building is going to go down!

Shizuru: I'm...
(a piece of the ceiling drops in front of the main door)

Shizuru: ... coming... oh crap crap crap crap crap crap!!!

SD Yuusuke: Fret not! Watch me blow that thing to bits! REI GAN!
(a hole the size of this full stop . is formed)

SD Yuusuke: YAHOOOOO!!! I did it! I blasted the rock in our way! YAHOOOO!!!

SD Minamino Shuuichi: (who is fighting off the advances of an SD Karasu) Tell Hiei to Kokuryuuha that rock!

Shizuru: ... nope, that's out of the question.

SD Kurama: (still swatting hands) Why?

Shizuru: Because...
(opens her arms to reveal a hibernating SD Hiei)
[Rurouni: Ohoho! So he's catching up on his disrupted sleep now...]

Shizuru: ... he looks so sweet when he's sleeping after a Kokuryuuha doesn't he?

SD Genkai: AAAAA! Why must Togashi-sama create a move which makes people sleep after they're done with it?!?

SD Kurama: (who finally fails in his attempts to get the crow off his back) AAAAA!!!

SD Karasu: I'm carrying Kurama! I'm carrying Kurama! YAAAAAAY!!

(SD Karasu starts running wildly around the ruined convention area.)

SD Kurama: LET GO! LEEEET GOOO! Somebody HELP ME!!!

SD Kuronue: How dare you bully my best friend, you bird! Let go of the fox at once!

SD Karasu: Who are you to interfere with our affairs!

SD Kuronue: I'm a bat, a bat is half mammal half bird, so that naturally qualifies me to interfere with an affair of a fox and a crow!


(Our three SD Ks start chasing each other around)

SD Karasu: Oh come on, Kurama, stop struggling...

SD Kurama: YOU PUT ME DOWN! (and their big, SD heads just keep bumping into each other)

SD Karasu: Ouch! My mask!

(oh now! The mask is down! Karasu is gaining explosive power! He runs, he  tries to stop but instead runs straight into the big slab of rock blocking the main door!)



Everyone else outside pops out of SD form into true life forms.

(the rest of the YYH troupe troops out in their life size forms)

Yuusuke: That was SOME convention.

Keiko: I suggest you get decently dressed right now or...

Yukina: Keiko-san, isn't it dangerous to play around with giant mallets?

Keiko: Not on Yuusuke it isn't.

Koenma: Cool down, Kurama... there's no need to to get so flared up...

Kurama: NO NEED! Karasu drops his mask, runs around gaining bombing ingredients and carries me right into a stone slab then explodes in my face, you tell me there's NO NEED?!?! (slams his rose whip into the road) I don't think so...

Karasu: I'm sorry... I just got carried away carrying you...

Kurama: SPEAKING OF THAT! (snaps his rose whip again, this time into an attacking position)

Shizuru: Oh please, can't we just go home and then you can whip him all you like?

Kurama: ...

Shizuru: Just go home. Please?

Kurama: (keeps his rose whip) Oh all right, only because Shizuru-sama says so.

And with that they all hopped into the car, went home, lived happily ever after and prayed hard that the writers would not do a sequel to this parody.

Pan: Ah... shall we grant them that wish, Rurouni?

Rurouni: We'll see...

Pan and Rurouni: Eheheheheheheheheh...

The End.