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By Pan and Rurouni
June 1998

Once again, Kenshin was being bullied by one of the Kenshingumi, this time it wasn't Sanosuke...and Kenshin decided he had had enough of being manhandled by his juniors.

Kaoru: Eat shinai, Kenshin!

Kenshin: Eat your own shinai! I am outta here!

Sano: Wait! Kenshin! You promised never to go rurouning without my permission! OEI!

Kenshin: I'm not rurouning, just escaping...I'll be back in a couple of decades. That is...if I haven't found Tomoe number 2.

Sano: Then that's fine with me, 'coz I don't think anyone can replace Tomoe in your heart...


Sano: The truth.

*Sano gets beaten up by Kaoru*

Kenshin: Ma, ma, sikardono! (Pan: just for the sound, I don't know how to romanize it anyway)

Rurouni: That's ok, I don't know how to romanize it too. I think it's 'futari-dono'.

Sano: OEI! Kenshin! Do something!

Megumi: I want you to make the decision Kenshin! *shoots daggers at him*

Kenshin: Oro? What decision?

Sano: Which one of us has the more accurate reasoning?

Kenshin: That would be sessha of course...

Megumi: Excuse me, but you haven't even put your worth in.

Kenshin: [big oro eyes] Honto?

Sano: HONTONI...

Kenshin: Ah...

Sano: *starts chewing on his fish bone*

Kenshin: Sano, would you like to go on another train ride... ?

Kaoru: Yappa! Let's go right now!

Sano: ~sweatdrop~ Uhm...

Kenshin: Maybe we might meet someone we know on the train...


Kenshin: Come on Sano... it'll be fun, the wind smashing in your face... the leaves breezing past like it was nothing at all... all that greenery and the chance at meeting Shura-dono off the pirate coasts again...

Yahiko: Yeah, come on, it's not all that scary! Not as bad as a ship anyway.

Kaoru: Besides, you see a fox hanging around unwanted everyday, why should you be afraid of fox spirits.

Kenshin: (dreamily) Youko Kurama is a lovely fox spirit...

Kurama: Thank you.

Kenshin: You're wel... Kurama!

Kurama: Can't stay for long, Kuronue's pestering me to steal that mirror with him soon or he'll send his fog creatures after me as soon as I'm in Makai...

Kenshin: Wanna help carry Sano to the train?

Sano: NOOOO!

Kurama wraps Sano up in vines, then turns to Kenshin and winks, in the background, muffled 'no's can be heard...

Kurama: There you go, my little red-headed one, he's all dressed up and ready to go.

Kuronue: YOU, will be all tied up with nowhere to go if you don't move your sorry butt and scram over here. Hurry up, quit wasting time.

Kurama: Why so rushed?

Kuronue: It's my grand finale scene, where I'm to be skewered to death by bamboos, after that the producer'll let me off for lunch.

Kurama: You're a big sadist.

Kuronue: Speak for yourself. Quick! We need you for the bamboos!

Kurama: But what about me? I want lunch too!

Shuuichi: Hey, don't worry, my alta-ego personality, I got lunch for you.

Kurama: Ah, thanks, Minamino. It's so good sharing identities with you.

Kenshin: ... You're not taking the train ride with us?

Kaoru: Aw please...

Yahiko: It'll be fun...

Kurama: Erm, actually, I would love to take the train ride and hear the screams people make when they see a youko running rampant on the train, but... *Kuronue holds Kurama's ears hostage*

Kurama: ... but I want my ears and my lunch too you know...

Sano: *muffled sounds*

Shuuichi: I'll take the train ride for you, you can pop in when you're filming's done. Try not to cause too many heart attacks though, I don't want my name splashed across the headlines "MINAMINO SHUUCHI: MASS MURDERER".

Sano: *muffled sounds*

Kurama: Ok. OW! KURONUE! LEGGO! [bites Kuronue's wings and both of them disappears in a cloud of dust...the rest is deemed to violent and unacceptable for the audience...CENSORED...]

The End

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