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Masshiro Robes

By Pan and Rurouni
June 1998

Kenshin: Masshiro! Masshiro! (holding out the white robes to Kurama) Kurama-san, see, masshiro robes. Promise you won't dirty them?

Pan: Not Kurama-dono? ^_^x

Kurama: Hai! Kenshin! I'll wrap the person in Makai mimosa if he/she manages to even stain it!

Rurouni: Heheh...Kurama-dono?

Kenshin: Good. I scrubbed a long long time...

Kurama: Umhmmm... now, if you'd just hand it over so I can wear it...

Kenshin: E..to...that wouldn't be such a good idea...

Kurama: Why not?

Kenshin: I scrubbed a lot you see...

Kurama: Yes?

(Kenshin holds up a masshiro robe with a hole in the middle and starts praying hard.)

Kurama: Why... thank you, Kenshin!

Kenshin: Oro?

Kurama: See, this fits my tail just fine... Hmm... if only Kuronue washed as well as you did...

Kenshin: *super blush* Do... Don't mention it... ^_^x

Kuronue: Do I hear an insult, kitsune?

*Kurama jumps out of his skin*

Kuronue: Ah just as well, now I can have a nice furcoat to brave the coming winter winds.

Kurama: *claims back his fur coat* Who said I was going to let you have my skin? What are you doing here?

Kenshin: ...

Kuronue: YOU DARE ASK ME??? We had an appointment to steal that stupid mirror yesterday and WHERE IN MAKAI WERE YOU???

Kurama: Can't help... Kenshin's been washing my clothes since yesterday, and you can't expect me to meet you without clothes right?

Kenshin: Hey! You think it was easy washing those grass stains off?! You're lucky I managed to 'masshirorise' it.

Kuronue and Kurama: *stares*

Kuronue: Whatever. Now just hurry up.

Kurama: *puts on his clothes* Right right... I'm coming...

Kenshin: Kuronue(-dono), do your clothes need washing?

Kuronue: ... ?

Kenshin promptly strips him.

Kenshin: Give me a minute.

Kurama: Bring out the cards.

Kuronue: He said a 'minute'.

Kurama: You don't know him very well, do you?

Back after half a day...

Kenshin: Masshiro masshiro! [Holds out masshiro robes to Kuronue.]

Kurama: Oh thanks.

Kuronue: ZZzzzzzz...

Kenshin: Is he sick or something?

Kurama: *mutters* Sick from waiting...

Kenshin: What was that?

Kurama: Oh nothing... thanks, I think we'll make a move now.

Kenshin: Come back to visit soon!

Kurama: GET UP!

Kuronue: Zzzzzzz...


Kenshin: Here... let me try...

Kenshin whispers something in Kuronue's ear and Kuronue immediately bolts upright.

Kuronue: WHAT?!

Kurama: Wow! What did you say to him?

Kenshin: [smiles] Trade secret.

Kenshin: (hands over Kuronue's clothes)

Kuronue: Okay. Thanks. Now let's go, stupid fox!

Kurama: Who're you calling a fox, you overgrown bat!

Kuronue: But you are a fox! You stupid fox!

Kurama: Why you...

A bloodcurding scream is heard.

Kuronue: My clothes!!! They're...they're...they're white in colour!!!

Kurama: Told you Kenshin 'masshirorises' clothes.

Kuronue: WAH!!!

The End

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