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A Discussion

By Pan and Rurouni
June 1998

Kenshin is once again on the receiving end of Sanosuke's flurry of kicks and punches for having let slip a snide comment about Sanosuke's hair.

Sano: Hang on, let me finish kicking Kenshin first.

Kenshin: Oro!

Sano: Don't run! Don't fly! Don't you dare Ryuu Tsui Sen!

Kenshin: Shikashi... as a disciple of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu...I must...

*Kenshin disappears*

Sano: Kisama! *holds his hands up to defend against a Ryuu Tsui Sen*

Kenshin: Ryuu Sho Sen!

Sano: OUCH!

Kenshin: Hahah! Got you!

Sano: Why you little red-headed bishonen!

Kenshin: Don't tell me you're falling for this red-headed bishonen?

Pan: Oh no, don't you dare try getting anywhere yaoi with me around!

Sano: You're too sensitive! We weren't going to try anything yaoi!

Pan: Well okay, oh no, don't you dare try getting anywhere hentai with me around!

Sano: You're too sensitive! We weren't going to try anything hentai!

Megumi: But without hentai none of us would exist...

Sano: Soudesu.

Kenshin: Who says so??

Kaoru: YAH! RK is a decent manga!

Megumi: Demo Ken-san...if your parents didn't do anything hentai, you wouldn't exist...need I teach you a bit of biology?

Kenshin: I meant hentai as in openly revealed in the manga. Surely that doesn't happen?

Megumi: Well, it does happen in some mangas but not in our little RK universe.

Kenshin: I'm relieved.

Megumi: Not so far anyway...and I doubt Watsuki-sensei wants his manga to be labelled PG (parents need guidance)

Kenshin: Sou de gozaru. That's good isn't it? I think I prefer it this way, it's MY book after all...

Megumi: That's true...but that also means I can stop dreaming of any hentai scenes with you. Tragic.

Kenshin: ...~sweatdrop~...

Watsuki: Ahem...

Kenshin and company: WAH! Watsuki-sama! (plus a de gozaru if you're doing Kenshin's speech)

The Kenshingumi stares at Watsuki-sensei with huge round oro eyes, then squeals, "OTOUSAN!!!" and run over to give him a bear-hug.

Watsuki: Oei oei! Cool it!

Kenshin: *tears in his eyes* How to cool down?

Kaoru: Yah! OTOUSAMA!

Misao peeps in...


Entire cast of RK swamp their beloved Otousama...

Watsuki: Oh my goodness... just how many characters did I create?

Togashi: Don't complain, all the youkais are coming to hug me... and you know how many youkais went to the Ankoku...

*Togashi is the author of Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

The End

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