Disclaimer: The song is taken from Falling Into You by Celine Dion. The words and music are by Billy Steinberg, Rick Nowels & Marie Clarie D'Ubaldo. The characters are taken from Rurouni Kenshin and belong to Nobuhiro Watsuki.

Falling Into You

By Geraldine Cheong
March 1998

And in your eyes I see ribbons of colours

[Wild golden eyes fade to a calm violet.]

I see us inside of each other

[Battousai half turns, eyes widening as he notices a blood-splattered Tomoe watching him in silence.]

I feel my unconscious merge with yours

[The fresh scent of plum blossoms drives away the red haze of blood.]

And I hear a voice say, "What's his is hers"

[Battousai's friends jesting about "Himura's onna" and teasing him to no end about it. A deep red flush creeps into Battousai's cheeks and he all but runs out of the room, vehemently denying any and all association with the drunk woman he had brought back.]

I'm falling into you

[Tomoe falls and Battousai darts over to catch her.]

This dream could come true

[Tomoe and Battousai sits back to back on top of the hill, counting the stars that adorn the night sky.]

And it feels so good falling into you

[Tomoe slides down and rests her head on his lap while his fingers run through her dark hair, the soft exchange of whispered words heard only by the fireflies playing around them.]

I was afraid to let you in here

[Tomoe evacuating Battousai as she wants to spring-clean. Battousai staring at her dumbfounded.]

Now I have learnt love can't be made in fear

[Tomoe stares on in shock at the blood pooling on the ground before her as Battousai wipes the blade of his katana, his back towards her.]

The walls begin to tumble down

[Tomoe sees the sleeping Battousai, so innocent, so child-like…]

And I can't even see the ground

[She lightly draws the covers over his sleeping form and tenderly caresses his forehead, brushing aside the wild strands of fiery hair falling over his eyes. He stirs a little.]

I'm falling into you

[She smiles covertly, her fingers lightly grazing his cheek, tracing a line down to his lips before lifting her fingers to place them against her own.]

This dream could come true

[She closes her eyes. An image of Battousai laughing and playing with children completes the backdrop.]

And it feels so good falling into you

[Battousai turns to her and smiles, the child-like innocence playing across his delicate features.]

Falling like a leaf, falling like a star

[The image of Kiyosato fades away and is replaced by that of an injured Battousai.]

Finding a belief, falling where you are

[Tomoe smiles…her second beloved…she will not let him die. Her grip tightens around the dagger she wields.]

Catch me, don't let me drop!

[Battousai slashes at Tomoe's back, stunned when the scent of plum blossoms surrounds him. Memories of the 6 months he spent with Tomoe flashes by him and his eyes widen in shock. Tomoe's dagger nicks his left cheek, completing the cross-scar, leaving its mark on him forever, the memory of Tomoe imprinted in his mind for all eternity.]

Love me, don't ever stop!

[He falls to his knees, yelling Tomoe's name to the silent forest. Tears of grief and anguish find their way down his cheeks as he hugs Tomoe's prone form to him. Snow whips around them in cold drifts.]

So close your eyes and let me kiss you

[Tomoe's cries while she clings on to Battousai. He holds her close and lightly brushes her forehead with his lips.]

And while you sleep I will miss you

[Kenshin praying at Tomoe's grave, head bowed, eyes closed as Hiko watches on. A translucent image of Tomoe fills the screen fading away into the backdrop as the scene plays out.]

I'm falling into you

[Tomoe offers Kenshin a steaming cup of tea when he enters the house, the snow swirls around him and into the house through the open door.]

This dream could come true

[Tomoe and Battousai fishing together. His arms snake around her waist, clasping her hands and he helps her to bring in the resisting prey. Both fall into the stream, the shock of cold water hit them by surprise and they both gasp. A playful smile appears on Battousai's lips and he sends a splash of the frigid water over to the already drenched Tomoe with a sweep of his hand. Tomoe squeals, then joins in. Their laughter warms the chill in their bones.]

And it feels so good falling into you

[Battousai and Tomoe sharing a blanket, sharing their warmth with the other, talking softly to dispel the loneliness each night presents them with.]

Falling like a leaf, falling like a star

[Tomoe reaches out and gently caresses Battousai's cross-scar. Her eyes glisten and brim over with tears.]

Finding a belief, falling where you are

[She smiles and let go, knowing he is safe, knowing he will carry her love with him wherever he goes, knowing he will continue to protect her happiness. He is her happiness.]

Falling into you

[Battousai goes to Tomoe's aid when she is harassed, staring defiantly at the offending person who towers over him. His palm presses against the hilt of the person's sword, cutting off all access to any means of weaponry. His voice is laced with danger, a reflection of the dangerous glint of gold in his violet eyes. They back off.]

Falling into you

[Tomoe sits quietly and sews while Battousai sleeps on, head bowed, face half obscured by red bangs, his katana resting against his right shoulder.]

Falling into you

[The pages of Tomoe's diary flips open as the winter wind breezes through the house.]

The End.