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This is a sequel to Titanic: The Untold Story.

Titanic: The Sequel

By Pan and Rurouni
June 1998

Kurama: And to think they thought it was an iceberg...

Battousai: (in modern clothes and in Kurama's house,Pan:  hey, I borrowed from your fanfic, but I don't care!) I don't know... was that stupid black ship important to the people then?

Kurama: Quite...

Hiei: Hn.

Yuusuke: Himura you stupid sword-wielder...

Battousai: (hand on the hilt of his katana) Yes, Urameshi, you said something?

Kuwabara: Hoi hoi! Urameshi! Don't you dare try anything funny with the legendary Hitokiri Battousai...

Hiei: Legendary indeed. I could cut up that ship into ten thousands pieces in the same time you took to give it one slash.

Battousai: So would you like to try me...


Hiei: I'm game.

Battousai slides into his Battou-jutsu stance. Hiei stands up and throws off his cloak.

Kurama: (eyes flashing gold) Hiei...if you dare wreck 'Kaasan's house, I'll never speak to you again.

Hiei: Hn. (prompts sits down and sulks)

Battousai: (to Kurama) So, you're the skirt that tamed the wild beast...

Hiei: ...grrr...look who's talking shorty!

Battousai: Shorty?! Why if my hair was spiked up like yours I'd tower over you!

Kuwabara: (elbows Yuusuke and whispers) That's awful...another Hiei wannabe...

Yuusuke: (eyeing Kurama, whispers back) Let's get going before Kurama sets his Makai mimosa loose.

Kuwabara: Yah, good idea.

Yuusuke and Kuwabara: Oei! Kurama, it's getting late, we've better make a move.

Hiei: Since when have a curfew been imposed on you guys?

Yuusuke: Not a curfew, a dinner date...with Keiko!

Kuwabara: (in a high-pitched squeaky voice) It's a double-date, Yukina-san'll be there too.

Hiei: Hm. I'd better tag along and make sure you don't trip over your own big feet and squish my Koorime imouto-chan.


Hiei: Oops.

Kurama: Hey wait a minute! I cooked dinner for you guys and all you do is walk off to meet your girls? OEI!

Battousai: I'm still here.

Kurama: I know.

Battousai: I need to kill someone tonight.

Kurama: Being a Hitokiri sure hurts... Come, I'll take you to do some midnight shopping, and NO you canNOT bring your set of daisho out.

Battousai: I NEED to kill someone tonight.

Kurama: Yah yah, I heard...come let's...uhm...Kenshin? Why are you staring at me like that?

Battousai: [golden eyes flashes] I need to kill SOMEONE tonight.

Kurama: Uhm...if you don't like shopping we can do some other things...how about a male bonding session? [backing away]...uhm...you can have all the food I cooked. I guarantee you'll love it! You can eat with your daisho! You can...ahhh...nnnooooo! [Tucks his tail between his legs and hightails out of the house] Hey guys! Wait up, I'm joining you for dinner!

Battousai: *as he watches Kurama escape* Hmmm... boring... why couldn't he tell a joke when he heard one? Never mind... I'll look through his shelves. What's this? Botany?? Hmmm... textbooks textbooks and more textbooks.. hey this looks interesting. Rurouni Kenshin... oho! A comic! And this looks good too... Yuu Yuu Hakusho...

*Battousai reads while waiting for the Urameshi team to finish their dinner dates.*

When the Urameshi team returns...

Kuwabara: Aww...look...he's sleeping, he looks so sweet...like Hiei...

Hiei: [growls] I. DO. NOT. LOOK. SWEET.

And a big fight ensues... and Kenshin sleeps through it all...

Hiko: Of course! I taught my baka deshi well enough! A swordsman must always remain his cool in the midst of a battle...

Rurouni: [looks at the sleeping Kenshin] Hmm...very cool indeed...

Hiko: Not as cool as me of course! That baka can never be cooler than me! [strikes characteristic genius pose]

Rurouni: ...~sweatdrops~ ...

Note: The Kokuryuha is eating up Kurama's house in the background...CHOMP! CHOMP!! CHOMP!!!

Kurama: HIEI!!! You're FINISHED!!! HIEI!!! OEI!!! Do you hear me???!!! You're plant-chow!!!

Hiei curls up next top Kenshin to sleep off the effect of releasing the Kokuryuha, while Yuusuke hides under Kurama's tail. Kuwabara has since been fried to a crisp.

Kurama: HIEI!!!

Hiei: ...zzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz............

Yuusuke: [whimpers] ...I'm scared...

The End