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Twist of Time

By Geraldine Cheong
Part 2
May 1998

"YUUSUKE!" An ear-piercing shriek shattered the serene quiet of the morning and broke through his dreams. He sighed and sat up just as Botan rode her oar right through his window and into his gut.

"OOF!!! BOTAN!" He squealed in a high-pitched voice that was totally off-key and unlike Yuusuke's normal voice.

"Big trouble! We've got big trouble! Big big trouble!" Botan kept repeating over and over again like a broken record player.

"Nanda?" Yuusuke asked irritated, finally finding the right pitch for his voice. "Do you know what time it is? Just like you to fly your oar straight into my tummy in the wee hours of the morning. (Author's note: It was about 9.00am. Yuusuke should be in school.) What is it this time? Which youkai, youko or ningen is upsetting the planet's alignment this time?"

Botan seemed unaware of Yuusuke's dripping sarcasm. "No no, you got it wrong! One of the Reikai portals malfunctioned!"

"What?" Yuusuke stared at Botan with huge saucer-like incredulous eyes.

"That's why Koenma needs you to..."

"So call a repair-man already! I know nothing about fixing malfunctioning portals." Yuusuke groused.

"Read this!" Botan shoved a piece of paper into Yuusuke's face.

To: Urameshi Yuusuke of the Reikai-Tantei.

A shadow assassin from feudal Japan unwittingly stepped into a malfunctioning Reikai time portal. We have traced him to modern Japan, where the Reikai-Tantei currently resides in.

It is hereby my proud duty to deploy you, my elite team of Reikai-Tantei to arrest him using whatever means necessary and bring him to me. He must be taken in ALIVE. Thereafter, we will return him to his proper timeline. Time is of the essence in this mission. If we fail to recover him quickly, the repercussions would be disastrous. A change in the course of history is the most likely occurence.

Your BOSS,
Koenma Daiou

PS. Work on it fast! I don't want to see stacks of papers appearing at my desk waiting for my approval to be stamped before the souls of those brutally massacred by a crazed assassin is allowed to pass on to other worlds. I'm busy enough as it is!

Yuusuke groaned inwardly. Koenma just HAD to over-emphasize the 'boss' bit. "A change in the course of history? Is that likely?" He looked over at Botan.

Botan nodded. "Himura Kenshin, also known as Hitokiri Battousai. A master swordsman. It is not known how many have died under his blade. He worked for the Ishin Shishis in the 1860's. He took orders from Katsura Koguro..."

"Katsura Koguro? That sounds vaguely familiar." Yuusuke frowned.

"He probably appeared in your history textbook. You'd remember him if you put a little more effort into your studies. He's one of the 3 great leaders of the Meiji Restoration. I think..." Botan looked unsure. "Anyway, we have to act fast, otherwise, you might not exist."


"The changes in history are only minor at the moment. For example..." Botan flipped through a tiny book. "Instead of being in bed at this time...you should be in school, standing outside the classroom being punished for not handing in your assignments."

"Happens all the time," Yuusuke yawned.

"There's more. This Himura Kenshin is an important factor in the Meiji Restoration. Without him, the Meiji era would not be possible. With the absence of the Meiji era, perhaps your mother would never have met your father and you'd never have a chance to come into being."

Yuusuke spluttered.

"The longer he stays here..."

"I know. I know. Botan, tell me what this serial killer looks like."

"Eh?" Botan blinked stupidly, then shrugged.

Yuusuke slapped his forehead in frustration. "Great. This is just great! We're going in blind."

Botan passed him a mechanical device. "Take this. Koenma says it will protect you from any changes in the timeline. It only works for a short time though."

The Reikai-Tantei was assembled in the Yukimura ramen store.

"Konnichiwa, Hiei-san!"

"Konnichiwa, Kazuma-kun."

Yuusuke stared. Hiei and Kuwabara? Being civil? To each other?! And the sun will rise from the west...

"How's your imouto-chan?" Kuwabara asked Hiei.

"Ah, Yukina's skipping classes together with Keiko. They're going to that new shopping mall just down the other street."

How did Kuwabara know about Yukina? Keiko skipping classes? Since when is Yukina in my school? New shopping mall? Yuusuke was totally confused.

"Oh! That shopping mall, the new one that has been under contruction for the past couple of years. Want to go there after this?" Kuwabara babbled on.

"Sure. No problem. I need to get a new switchblade." Hiei drawled.

Yuusuke noticed for the first time since he stepped into the ramen store that Hiei was not wearing his bandanna. There was no sign of any jagan.

"What the...?! Hiei! What happened to your jagan?!"

"What jagan? What are you talking about?" Hiei was not amused.

"Your jagan, the third eye on your forehead that was still there when you stepped into the ramen store 5 minutes ago!"

"Yuusuke, are you sick? Hiei-san never had a jagan."

Right. Botan did warn me about the 'slight' changes.

"Why did you summon us here so urgently for? Koenma needs the Reikai-Tantei's help again?" Kuwabara queried.

"Hn. That baby just can't take care of himself," Hiei remarked.

"That's odd. Kurama's never been this late..." Yuusuke muttered.

"Kurama? What's that?" Hiei frowned.

Yuusuke felt like fainting on the spot.

End of Part 2